According to a report from independent gaming website Eurogamer, legendary video game company Nintendo is preparing to release another miniaturized console later this year. This news comes after the company announced last week that they would stop making the NES Classic Edition console at the end of April.

What is being reported about this mini-SNES?

The report says that Nintendo is getting ready to release a miniaturized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Snes) towards the end of 2017. There is speculation that the mini-SNES would have a lot of the same features that the mini-Nes launched with.

It would be a miniature, almost identical version of the original system.

There are also rumors that it would come with a copy of the original SNES gamepad and would have classic games bundled with the console. Nintendo has yet to release an official statement on the issue or responded to Eurogamer's report.

What is the SNES?

The SNES was launched as the successor to the NES in 1990, seven years after the NES originally launched in Japan. It was Nintendo's third console, after the NES and the Color TV-Game (1977).

The SNES would become the best-selling console of the 16-bit era (fourth generation), selling 49.10 million units. It also confirmed that Nintendo was a leader in the video game world and is considered by many to have taken place during the company's golden era.

What games could be bundled with the mini-SNES?

It is almost a sure bet that "Super Mario World" will be part of the mini-SNES since it got bundled with the original SNES and is one of its best games. Speaking of Mario, "Super Mario Kart", the first game in the Mario Kart series is also a good bet to show up. "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" is also a sure bet since it was a landmark title and makes many best games ever lists.

"Donkey Kong Country", the first game in the series and another classic, is also a title that will probably be bundled with the system. Other classic Nintendo games that are likely to show up are "Super Metroid" and "Star Fox", which was the first title in the Star Fox game series.

Some classic role-playing games (RPGs) like "Chrono Trigger", "Tales of Phantasia", "Secret of Mana", "Super Mario RPG" and "Earthbound" are all also strong contenders to make an appearance on the mini-SNES. Three different Final Fantasy games, "Final Fantasy IV", "Final Fantasy V" and "Final Fantasy VI" also could show up if the mini-SNES rumors turn out to be true.