Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have been touted as the best smartphones of 2017. With an extended battery life and other amazing features, the flagship device does have some negative traits, which may make people uncomfortable while using it. Many users pre-ordered the smartphones, shared reviews regarding the flagship device.

Why you should not order the smartphone

When the Galaxy S8 was introduced in March, consumers were extremely excited. However, the smartphone has several drawbacks which may deter consumers. It is preferable to wait for early reviews before jumping the gun.

Fingerprint scanner

The placement of the fingerprint scanner is a deterrent for those eyeing the smartphone. The fingerprint scanner is placed at the back of the device, near the rear camera. This is causing many users issues as they are accidentally touching the rear camera, rather than the scanner when trying to unlock the device.

Facial recognition

Coming to the second unlocking feature, which is the facial recognition, which was considered as one of the best features of the device. People who have tested the device have complained that the feature is not safe in terms of security. It can be unlocked by placing the image of the owner in front of the scanner. In order to unlock the smartphone, using the facial recognition, one has to raise the device high up, as if taking a selfie.

Bixby not ready

Bixby, Samsung’s AI assistant, which was considered as one of the best features included in the device, may not come loaded with all the features. According to Samsung, only a few of the features of Bixby will be available to the customers at launch. However, the voice feature may not be rolled out immediately.

Battery worry

Post the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, concerns regarding the flagship Galaxy S8’s battery safety feature is another issue. Though Samsung confirmed that it conducted an eight-point battery safety check, one should wait for a bit before making the final purchase. The battery prowess of the smartphone is not questionable, but its safety is circumspect.

Samsung’s customized Android

Those purchasing the Galaxy S8 will also get the customized version of Android. They will also get some additional apps as part of the OS. However, those who prefer pure Android, the customized version is not for them.

So, these were few of the reasons as to why one must wait before buying the Galaxy S8+ or Galaxy S8. The smartphones are scheduled to be released in the United States on April 21. It is already reported to be plagued by a red tint issue.