"Watch Dogs 2" has been hiding the shuffler outfit since launch, and it wasn't discovered until recently. Unlike most outfits though, which often don't do anything but make you look different, this one actually comes with an almost horrific power activated when you attempt a take-down.

This may be the first time since "Assassin's Creed" that Ubisoft "hid" an outfit in one of their games which actually has a gameplay-altering purpose. In "AC2," the armor of Altair was the ultimate upgrade offering the best protection. In "Black Flag," The Templar armor kept enemy gunfire from harming you, and similarly, it came rather late in the game.

The game gave you a fetch quest for certain items, and all together, those items unlocked the outfit.

This outfit is very different from previous hidden ones

While the hidden outfits in "Assassin's Creed" often served a specific purpose (even adverse, like the Auditore cape from "AC2") there was usually a hint that it might exist. In "Watch Dogs 2," we now have two outfits which aren't really known unless you happen to look them up. One is the Gnome outfit, which basically turns Marcus into a tall garden gnome. It requires you to find a certain hidden laptop with a mysterious map on it, marked in a way that it gives you general hints as to where to find a collection of gnomes throughout San Francisco.

After collecting them all, you have to find a small tent and send a jumper inside to retrieve the outfit.

This Gnome outfit literally does nothing but give you a weird look.

How do you find the Shuffler outfit?

It all begins when you find odd symbols hidden across the city and take selfies in front of them. When you find them, write them down.

Of course, this isn't enough. You have to find them in the right order or it won't make much sense. The first one is found in a boxcar in Bay View Rise. Use the NetHack ability to find it. Draw the symbol somewhere, or just take an actual photo with your real-life smartphone. Again, keeping track of the order of the symbols is important.

Next, you want to take a selfie with the creepy smiling symbol as shown in the featured image. If done correctly, some strange audio will play.

The rest of the symbols should work the exact same way, along with commentary by T-Bone, Josh, and Marcus.

The second symbol is on a shack in North Oakland. You'll need to destroy the wooden slats covering it. Use a car or an IUD, or whatever works for you, but those slats are covering up the symbol you're looking for.

The third symbol is on a structure inside a train tunnel in the Northeastern part of the map.

The fourth one is in the graveyard on the Northern side, as shown in the featured image.

Now take those symbols in order to where Josh is sitting in Hackerspace, and translate the symbols using Josh's cypher in order to find a set of four numbers.

The ensuing numbers in order are a specific time in Military format. This is the time you'll need to be at a wall near a drone race location. You will need to take a selfie during the short time in which the symbol appears in order to unlock an interactive part of the wall. Interact and you'll be rewarded with a new outfit.

What does this now garb do?

When you equip the Shuffler outfit, you will enable a creepy new takedown in which you remotely hold enemies bodies in the air in a cloud of red mist and symbols, and you can hear their bones basically snapping and rearranging.