Niantic has recently been ramping up the release of special events for their highly popular augmented reality mobile video game, "Pokémon Go." The company is currently holding its Easter Eggstravaganza which will last until April 20. However, new reports have now revealed that fans may have something big to look forward to in the coming months.

More than just hats

With the exception of some large special events, a majority of Niantic's celebrations have simply contained special discounts and novelty Pokemon costumes. However, the special Event that is apparently coming sometime this summer will be featuring much more than just festive hats.

Niantic's general manager, Yoshiji Kawashima, and the company's marketing head, Kenji Suka, recently mentioned in an interview that fans should be looking out for a "Huge" event that will be coming this summer. It was also mentioned that their teams are currently working hard to get the special event ready, which will include "new functions."

Gym overhaul and new features

According to reports, the new features will apparently include a new raid mode, a PvP mode, and the long awaited player trading feature. The new raid mode wasn't detailed, so there is still a bit of confusion as to what it will exactly be comprised of.

Previous reports have already confirmed that the current "Pokémon Go" version already has the raid system embedded onto its code, which means that it will be coming out.

The new game mode is expected to be a co-op mode that could involve Gym battles. Niantic has already confirmed that it will be redesigning the entire Gym feature within the game to incorporate a more social function.

More events to come

"Pokémon Go" events continue to be one of the leading features of the game that has enticed players to come back to becoming trainers.

Niantic previously stated that it was going to be holding several big and small events throughout the year. While most events only offer small tweaks and bonuses, the big events that are planned are something to look forward to as they will he including the features that fans have been requesting for quite some time.

In the meantime, fans still have a few more days until the "Pokémon Go" Eggstravaganza officially ends.

During the event, 2 km Eggs will have a bigger chance of catching rare Pokémon. Every Egg that is also hatched now offers more Candy. Lucky Eggs are also available at half the price in the in-game shop until the event ends.

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