Google has announced that the company was closing Map Maker, a service that allowed users to literally enrich their maps, add a place, and edit. These features and many others are still accessible, but they are no longer part of a separate service. According to their support page, Google has started to graduate the functionality from Map Maker to Google Maps on both desktop and mobile. Users are now encouraged to join the Local Guides program to continue providing contributions.

Editing with Map Maker

Map Maker was introduced in 2008 to accommodate Google community’s participation in editing and moderating features to improve the Maps.

People were able to add information that was not included in the maps, such as new building, roads, highways, new lakes, and other geographical features. According to a story run by International Business Times, the Map Maker has been removed since 2015, following user abuse. Google addressed this issue by temporarily shutting down the feature and then bringing it back with less functionality. It was only last November that the Mountain View company decided to shut down then troublesome feature.

Google Maps not-so-new features

Now that the Map Maker is no longer a separate feature of Maps, the main key editing features have been reintroduced as integrated. Contributors can add a missing place into the map and then add information about business.

To edit a place’s information, users can also suggest edits to the details and then submit them for moderation. New contributors can verify the suggested edits from other users who use the app on Android and iOS. Guides with Android devices now have access to the beta version of missions, where they can uncover missing information and check the facts.

Local Guides for map contributors

In order to continue to contribute, Google is encouraging users to take part in their Local Guides program, where people help other people find the best places based on the reviews and contributions of people who have visited the places. As a local guide, a user’s review, photos, and edits will help others discover places around the world in a more engaging and fun way.

There are exclusive benefits for contributors in the form of points, rewards, and access to newer features, and Google is making sure that the general community stays within reasonable limits of community involvement, to prevent abuse.