Now that Sledgehammer Games is back in charge of the direction of the next "Call of Duty" game, the company has said they are going to be going back to the franchise's roots. This follows the last installment of the series going as far into the future as we've ever seen the games go with "Infinite Warfare". There were weeks of speculation the newest game was going to be going back in time and the developers finally confirmed their plans, though they haven't announced many details other than where the title will be set.

Social media thank you to 'Call of Duty' developer

When YouTuber Ali-A thanks one of the developers that is working on the newest game for sending him an official "Call of Duty" jacket, he likely got more than he bargained for. Michael Condrey responded with a "you're welcome" message that included a bit of a sneek peak. In that message he said there were plenty of surprises coming this year and that he wished he could talk about them. He concluded that spilling the beans would get him killed by Sledgehammer games, but that it might be worth it. Of course, this message wasn't ever really going to turn into Condrey telling anyone anything more than he was supposed to on such a large media site, but it does show the company might be planning to move on some reveals sooner rather than later.

'Call of Duty' likely getting big reveal at E3

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Sledgehammer has something promised for later this year.

In just a couple of months we're likely going to see the official reveal of what this new "Call of Duty" 2017 edition has to offer at E3. This is usually the place where those larger reveals happen and it would certainly make sense to show at least a bit off at the biggest video game conference of the year. If the old patterns hold true, we can expect this game to release sometime in the fall of 2017. Showing off more and more details about the game over the summer certainly makes sense from the marketing standpoint. What would count as "surprises" is anyone's guess.