Tech mega corporation, Microsoft, has released the newest version of Windows Visual Studio. The newest addition to the Microsoft Visual Studio line, the program was developed to enable creators to make websites, web applications and web services in a more integrated environment. The app craze rages on and developer tools like the Microsoft Visual Studio are slated to make the designing of apps even more proficient for creators. Also released was Visual Studio for Mac Preview 4.

Microsoft Visual Studio 20 years old

The first Microsoft Visual Studio was released 20 years ago and by today’s standards is the equivalent to using a horse and bugging to get to work.

It’s slow and not nearly as developer friendly as the newest addition.

The new version is set with a new less painful environment for developers to design and create apps. The new studio is meant to enable developers to create an application on any platform. This is yet to be seen as Microsoft always touts any new addition to their catalog as the best. Some innovative features included the update are the ability for a developer to use only the components needed for a specific app, team support and live unit testing.

Security and Microsoft owns everything

Security is an issue for some developers as Microsoft programs and interfaces are always of interest to the hacking community. Often interested in proving the shortcomings of big tech, hackers take aim at tech giant Microsoft because of its CEO’s ties to controversial and data mining initiatives such as Common Core, the company’s stand against free and open information across the internet and the centralizing of data.

Common Core comes under fire, not only by parents for its use of developmentally inappropriate content, but also by hacktivists, hackers that see themselves as activists united for a common cause, due to Bill gates monopoly on the education of schoolchildren in the United States. The Gate’s Foundation and Bill Gate’s were integral in the development of the core standards and Microsoft stands to gain a loyal following of future adults from the implementation of those standards in schools across America.

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Microsoft, in the early 2000s, filed a lawsuit against a Canadian teen for using a domain name similar to theirs but spelled differently. The tech giant came under fire from parents, hackers, and students for going after a teenage boy working on his own part-time web design business. Microsoft Visual Studio may stem or increase disdain by being made available across several platforms including Linux and Mac.