It’s the stuff of science fiction – and would certainly make more space in an already overcrowded city like New York – as Clouds AO announce their plans for this fantastic structure. What they are proposing to do is to attach a skyscraper to an orbiting asteroid with such amazing precision that the colossal building will float just above the surface of the Earth. In this manner, what they dub “Analemma Tower” will hang down from the sky, instead of looming up from the ground.

Science fiction to become science fact?

Readers of science fiction writer Neal Stephenson’s book “Seveneves” will probably get goose bumps, as the idea will sound incredibly familiar from that story.

However, it’s not just sci-fi in this case, as the architects are serious about their plans. According to a report by RT News, Clouds AO’s plan involves a “Universal Orbital Support System” or UOSS, where high-tensile cables would be attached to an orbiting asteroid, positioned just above the Earth’s surface. According to the firm, residents of the building would travel with the asteroid in a figure-eight cycle over the 24-hour day, passing over various major cities in the southern and northern hemispheres, but always, reportedly, returning to the same position each day. Going out to lunch might be a problem, however, as that would require the use of a parachute.

Living and working in 'Analemma Tower'

According to Cloud AO, the futuristic skyscraper would be divided into different sections, to be used for various purposes. Reportedly businesses would occupy the lower end of the building, while residents will live around two-thirds of the way up (or is that down?). Cloud AO says it will reserve the very top of the building for “devotional activities.” The New York-based architects have worked out the best way to handle temperature and pressure changes between the floors of the building, including varying sizes and shapes of windows.

Electricity and water needs have been worked out too, with solar panels providing the necessary power and water to be supplied by rain and cloud condensation.

The massive cost of the skyscraper from space

Needless to say, “Analemma Tower” will not come cheap.

Pointing to the fact that residential towers get more expensive the higher you go, the architects figure the costs can be recovered by charging residents and businesses higher rent for the privilege of living there. How you get up to the building is another story.

While the whole idea sounds totally fantastic, Cloud AO did point out that the European Space Agency is planning on mining asteroids and NASA has also scheduled an asteroid retrieval mission for 2021. It also turns out the company has been involved in space-related projects before. Reportedly they won NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge with their ideas for Mars.