The teenagers were attempting the seven-foot jump between two buildings in Grove Street, Brooklyn on Friday at around 5:30 p.m. They failed, plunging face first, four stories to the ground. Reportedly Rame Pierre-Louis, the 13-year-old, died from the fall and according to a witness the 15-year-old, named Karlos Adams, may have landed on top of him. Adams is in a serious condition in Kings County Hospital with pelvis injuries, where his friend was pronounced dead after arrival from severe head injuries.

As reported by the International Business Times, a cab driver by the name of Luis lives in the building next door and said it was like the whole building shook, saying he saw the teenagers fall face first from the top of the building in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Teenagers regularly hang out on the rooftop

According to the New York Daily News, residents say teenagers regularly hang out on the rooftops in the area and that there is a sofa on the roof that they use. Another resident said they didn’t hear anything until the loud thuds as the boys landed. The resident said he was talking to his roommate when it happened and that there were no screams or loud voices, just the thuds and the impacts as the boys landed. Neither of the teenagers reportedly lived in the building where they fell.

Steve Somerville reportedly lives in one of the buildings and told ABC News it was a regular thing for teenagers to go up to the roof to hang out. He said it’s a normal thing that has been happening for years and that he did it himself when he was young.

Somerville said he used to jump the gap between the buildings, just to see if he could.

Surviving teenager says the cops were chasing them for smoking marijuana

According to the New York Daily News report, the father of the teenager who survived the incident told him on Saturday that they were both smoking pot.

The teen said the police had arrived in the building just before they attempted their escape. Kenneth Adams said his son told him the police were chasing them when they misjudged the distance between the two buildings and fell. However, an NYPD spokesman said there was nothing to the story, adding that officers were not called out to the building on Friday night. They reportedly only attended the aided call, after the teenagers fell from the building.

A police investigation into the incident and the teenager’s death is reportedly underway.