The Pokémon Company has once again resorted to banning “Pokémon Sun and Moon” players from any online activity. Banned players were reportedly manipulating their saved data on Nintendo 3DS, based on the company’s internal investigation. The recent banning marks the second time in 2017 where cheaters are denied access.

A report by Serebii earlier this week indicated that 7,651 players were found guilty of altering their saved data, prompting the developers to drop account restrictions. Banned accounts will no longer have access to Game Sync, as well as entering Rating Battles and the upcoming Battle Competitions.

Access to Global Missions is also denied, which happens to be on its fifth run. Should a player attempt to engage in any online activity, error code 090-0212 will appear on their screens.

The Pokémon Company on a serious crackdown

The company had previously pointed out that cheaters in “Pokémon Sun and Moon” would be pursued, especially those attempting to alter or edit specifics from their saved data. Players who veer away from the game’s system will also have the same penalty, and the account restrictions are reportedly going to be rolled out without any warning.

The massive account bans are not the first for the game. To recall, the month of January had 5,954 players banned from accessing Battle Spot, the in-game feature that allow players to be matched with each other on a global scale.

The restrictions were imposed due to “illegal save data,” which is what The Pokémon Company calls it. That said, the Japanese organization wishes to inform players that the ban is permanent and irrevocable.

Pokémon Battle Competitions

On April 28, “Pokémon Sun and Moon” players get the chance to join the Battle Competition and participants will receive Blazikenite and Sceptilite Mega Stones as gifts.

Interested players can start registering as early as April 19 until it closes on April 27. Blazikenite allows Blaziken to Mega Evolve in battles, while Sceptilite enables Sceptile’s Mega Evolved form.