In what seems to be the culmination of a series of 5G technology trials conducted across the globe, Samsung has now unveiled its high-speed internet products at the Mobile World Congress show held in Barcelona, Spain. Users in the United States are already experiencing mind-boggling Internet speeds with the company’s pre-commercial deployment of exciting 5G-driven products that work faster at lower latency. Users will now have access to internet speeds 30 to 50 times faster than what they currently experience with their 4G network services. Mobiles and other devices will have the capacity to carry more data at mind-boggling speeds with signals that could be transmitted around obstacles.

Futuristic 5G Technology Mobile Devices Released

As Samsung showcased its range of 5G technology applications, it was clear the next phase of mobile communication will be exciting and will enrich users' lives. Samsung's interactive exhibits demonstrated its latest mobile communication developments and solutions with end-to-end 5G products including their radio base station access unit, next-generation core, and home router. When this router is placed close to the window, it will receive gigabit internet capabilities from a nearby 5G radio base station. In the future, fixed wireless access networks will be able to connect everything with enhanced CCTV, small cell, and digital signage capabilities reaching even cars with the help of hi-tech network connections.

Leading service providers to foster 5G evolution in the Americas

Telecommunication operators in the Americas have joined hands to promote LTE wireless technology as it evolves into 5G technology through the deployment of networks, applications, services, and Mobile Devices. Some of the biggest Internet service providers like AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, Qualcomm, America Movil, Cisco, and Intel have formed SG Americas, their industry trade organization to foster 5G advancements that lead to a connected wireless community.

Samsung and Deutsche Telecom have already demonstrated with a great deal of success that Guaranteed Latency (GLA) will be the main difference between 4G and 5G. If the speed at which data travels between the source and destination reduces, it will not be long before we see major equipment manufacturers release their 5G portfolios in line with this latest breakthrough in mobile technology.