There are thousands of companies around the world racing to understand the applications of 3D Printing for various spheres of life. There has been no doubt that this technology is going to revolutionize our future, but it looks like the future is finally here. With the help of mobile 3D printing technology, a Russian company has managed to put together a home in lesser time than it takes to normally lay the foundation for one.

Instant homes

Nikita Chen-yun-tai is a famous Russian engineer who developed a method for printing concrete efficiently nearly 2 years ago. His company, Apis Cor managed to apply this mechanism and use it to print the first house using mobile 3D printing.

The most exciting part about this project is the fact that the machine used to print the first 3D Printed home can be used to build a house of any shape or structure, limited only by our own imagination and the laws of physics. The machine only focuses on building the walls of the home you have in mind, leaving enough space in between the layers for necessary additions such as electrical and plumbing services.

Although the first home was rather quaint in size, the technology currently allows for houses as big as 132 square meters to be printed. The cost is fairly reasonable as well, currently working up to $275 for every square meter of printing. The first house cost only about $10,134 despite requiring only a day to be set up entirely. As this technology is further explored, the costs are sure to drop down substantially as well.

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Applications galore

There is no doubt that building a house within a day is a service that a lot of people around the world would be interested in. This technology has immense need in disaster-struck regions, along with developing countries looking to rebuild smaller towns and cities.

Nikita Chen-yun-tai has bigger dreams for his product, envisioning his company to be the first to build a colony on Mars when the time arises. It is indeed quite amazing to think that our technology now allows us to think that far ahead, and even work toward it with realistic goals and expectations.