'Pokemon GO' got a makeover earlier last week. The augmented reality app hinted at new features for a while, but Christmas updates weren't going to make the cut. Niantic officially released Johto region Pokemon to Update the game, but the question is will it be enough to bring players back?

'Pokemon Go's' Initial Success

'Pokemon GO' wasn't only released Summer 2016; it was Summer 2016. Hoards of 'Pokemon GO' players took the pledge of becoming a Pokemon master in July. The ability to catch a Pikachu—or the more common Pidgey— by walking in your neighborhood became a reality.

Soon people were out all over the place, which caused many to walk around, staying inattentive to their surroundings.

Nonetheless, danger and accidents aside, 'Pokemon GO' quickly propelled its way to the top of the app charts in both the Play and Apple stores. If you went to anywhere at the time, you'd catch someone with their phone out and searching around. But everything changed after a rapid decline in players and activity with the app.

After a fun filled few weeks, 'Pokemon GO' became a distant memory. Signs as early as July warned of the craze dwindling, but most players continued to play anyways. Eventually, 'Pokemon GO' suffered. According to Daily Mail, the gaming app lost more than 10 million players by late August.

But what does that mean for the monster catching app and its new update?

Will 'Pokemon GO' revive its fanbase?

Will the 'Pokemon GO' update be enough to gather players to the app once more? It's highly likely due to the various glitches the game suffered during its initial release; combine that with the fact that most people think of it as a fad and you've got a bad breakfast burrito.

The new update expanded the Pokedex by 80 Pokemon, successfully adding the Johto region. It also added other updates like the berry screen and evolution items. Some fans have resurfaced to play the adventure, but it might not be enough for those passive players who caught wind of the app late. We'll have to wait and see if these efforts will be enough to "Fully Restore" 'Pokemon GO.'