The launch of "halo wars 2" is just a few weeks away, and in order to celebrate the impending release of the follow-up to the original game, the developers have released a brand new trailer. The good news is that the trailer certainly makes the game look like something you are going to want to play right away. The bad news is that trailer is not of gameplay, but rather, what appears to be cut scenes. Still, after you watch the trailer you'll be introduced to the newest big villain that is a threat to the forces at your command.

The Atriox in 'Halo Wars 2'

The new trailer for the upcoming game shows the Brute named Atriox and he's someone that is especially dangerous because he defected from the covenant. For those who haven't been following the canon behind "Halo Wars 2," the covenant is the massive army of alien creatures that the Master Chief and his crew take on. Because the Atriox has defected he's free to cause all kinds of death and destruction just for the fun of watching people die. In the trailer, we can see the super villain take down a squad of Spartans single-handedly and he's got the strength to crush a Spartan's helmet in his bare hands.

Coming this month

While the trailer for the game is being called a launch trailer, that term is used very loosely these days.

Its been a bit of a long wait for those who have been looking forward to the game. On the other hand, there have been some people who wondered if there was really a need for a follow-up title to the first game. There are certainly tons of players out there who are always going to want to see the storyline of this particular universe continue, even if it's not a part of the main thread.

Perhaps having this kind of a big bad involved in the game will make it that much more interesting. The draw for games like this is also that they don't have to have all the details on Master Chief down in order to enjoy what is in front of them. "Halo Wars 2" is officially releasing on the Xbox One and Windows PC on February 21.