Most powerful royal arms weapon

The Sword of the Tall is a royal arms weapon in "Final Fantasy XV." You can find it after defeating the somewhat difficult boss of the Costlemark Tower. Make sure to go to your inventory screen and try it out on Prince Noctis to get a feel for the weapon. It works and acts slightly like a chainsaw, but there are a few more interesting tips and tricks as well as hidden mechanics I would like to share with you all in this article.

The weapon will give a nice enhancement to your maximum hit points at around a 200 increase.

This is also noted among some interesting buffs and negative buffs (or de-buffs). It has the highest base attack rating at around 518 and swings about as fast as the mace of the fierce.

it is much harder to break an enemy's appendage with this item in certain cases because you are usually low to the ground when using it. In a nutshell, you do not have many anti-air attacks with this weapon, and overall, virtually no good air-based attacks like you have with the sword. More specifically, the air-step sword. Your sword dance moves are going to be limited by this, and rightfully so, due to the power of the sword.

More about the weapon

This weapon will hit all enemies in a circle area when you use a warp strike.

You can get more than a ten hit combination with this weapon's basic attack. Note, that the basic attack's overall damage ticks and stacks over time, dealing more with each second it is only one enemy. If you switch enemies or that enemy is defeated, you will lose the multiplied stack count. Finally, you will get a 0.50% multiplier after breaking an enemy appendage and then attacking the infected or vulnerable enemy.

In conclusion, I realized that this was one of the better weapons in the game. This is mainly due to the combination multiplier on the consecutive strikes that the weapon dishes out. I wish there were more hidden mechanics like this in "Final Fantasy XV," and I am happy to realize that there are! Most hardcore fans will be very pleased.