Final Fantasy 6 is one of the greatest games ever made.I am in the middle of my 2nd play-through and I have a few things to mention about why you should play it.

For starters when I was younger I liked the game but didn't let it all sink in at the time. I emulated it and the experience wasn't the same as having it on the SNES or the new Steam version. It was still a very interesting game, but I also found it challenging and when you died sometimes you would have to go a long way back to get to where you were.

Well with the release of FFXV I had a huge "Final Fantasy" craving for the past games.I remember there were several I just beat but didn't really break down or zone into enough.

Final Fantasy 6 is one of those games so I gave it another very eager chance.

My experience after 20 hours of legit playtime is amazingly positive. I bought the game on steam for a sale price which is awesome at 7.99 I am pretty sure it is around 14.99 now which is still very worth it.

Now I stated this game is masterpiece several times. I have not fully beaten the game or come nearly close to completing everything. However, I do feel like I will and that I am correct that this is going to be my favorite "Final Fantasy" game. If I am wrong then I will let you all know but for now get it. Let's play it together or even if you want to play yourself its worth it.

Some reasons why this game is amazing is that all the characters in battle and out of battle are original.Unlike "Final Fantasy VII" where it really didn't matter what character you chose this game allows you to both customize your party and grow with the ideas of the developers as well.

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So people may argue that they want full customization.I disagree, I always feel like the developers are there for a reason. They made the game - let's play it the way they intended. Of course, glitches and speed runners will always find a way and I am totally cool with that, especially after having true knowledge of a game and completing it.

The characters also have side-quest [VIDEO]s and stories that are emotional even though the graphics and emotions of the characters may look childish or silly at times. The music is composed by Nobuo Uematsu and Terra's Theme is one of the best tracks in the game. The battle system is amazingly fun and very strategic compared to even the newest "Final Fantasy" installment FFXV.This was the huge selling point for me to re-purchase on steam. Steam also updated the graphics which is nice but I do admit the pixels were cooler at least some of the time.

Overall I highly recommend this game once again and there will be plenty of character analysis, weapon analysis and more to come.