Locke Cole the thief information:

According to some really good websites and players around the web, Locke Cole is one of the best characters in the game. I think he is pretty developed in combat from what I have seen. Locke also has a nice back story and ties into the game well.

Locke is interesting to me because of how he helps people.He is always willing to go the extra mile for Terra and Celes especially. He calls himself a treasure hunter and is one of the key members of the returners. If it were not for Locke Terra probably would have been captured or dead early on in the game.

This makes Locke one of the key roles in the story of Final Fantasy VI.

Locke Cole is an interesting character in combat as well. Overall he is probably the fastest character in the game. With the right equipment, Locke can surpass rivals in speed like Gau greatly.Speed determines how fast your ATB (Active Battle Gauge ) will fill.He also has a pretty good evasion statistic. This will determine how often attacks miss. Stamina is a rare statistic not seen in many "Final Fantasy" games to date. Stamina will determine resistance to the Death spell. It will increase the amount of health healed from Regen. Stamina will determine how much damage is taken from HPleak and sap. It also makes the character more resistant to poison damage over time (DoT).

Finally, stamina will determine how much is healed from Tintinnabulum and can be found on Ramuh the Esper when used.

The Moonring blade is a very interesting weapon of Locke's. He throws it at an enemy and can even mug with it. I found it nice that not only do the characters have unique class abilities but that certain weapons are only usable by certain characters.

Furthermore, some abilities are present only when certain items are equipped. This deepens "Final Fantasy" VI's combat system even further and makes it more enjoyable.

The Hermes boots is also a nice option on Locke as it will basically give auto-haste at the start of the battle. This will double Locke's speed making him even faster than he already is.

Finally, if you want more speed in the field equip the sprint shoe relic to travel the world map and local areas light lightning! As for more items, the Brigand Glove will allow Locke to change his basic steal command to mug. This is just plain awesome as it deals damage with a mug attack and steals at the same time. Also, note that the developers have lowered the attack of mug from basic Locke attack command. This makes using the mug and attack commands a difference and further increases strategy.

In conclusion Locke Cole is really fun and I will have more to come on him soon hopefully. For now just letting everyone know this is the tip of the iceberg on "Final Fantasy VI". I hope you enjoy the rest of my character analysis this is just Locke Cole part #1.