Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are finally here, and the wait of millions of hype-driven people is finally over. So the best iPhone the company has ever made, well, the company said it.

And it is true. However, it is nowhere near mind-blowing. But the wheel of fortune is again kind on Apple as the next best thing in town, the Galaxy Note 7, had to be recalled because of Michael Bay style battery explosion. Or at least this is how the headlines made it look like. Anyways, did you watch the latest "Apple – Don’t Blink” video?

If not, don’t waste a second, scroll down, watch it now, and don’t even return to finish this article because you will get the point.

Over the years we have seen some amazing commercials. The biggest outlet is, of course, the Super Bowl. As far is the thrill-factor is concerned, the iPhone maker just nailed it with its latest “Apple – Don’t Blink” video that introduces iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2. The YouTube caption of the Apple video reads, “Missed our big launch news? Here it is in 107 seconds. Don't blink.”

You won’t blink; that’s a challenge!

I admired the way the 107-second clip captured the excitement of Apple announcements. It really felt like hopping at the time. But even if you watch it again and again, the powerful appeal of the video never fails to accomplish what the title says. I didn’t blink watching the video for the third time in a row.

An experience unlike any other. A novel idea that fully delivered the iPhone 7 hype.

The latest Apple video just keeps you spell-bound. It is so much captivating that your concentration never falls apart even for a second. The short video starts with a tag - “This is Apple’s Big Launch” and then unexpectedly follows. In the beginning, you think that the whole black screen thing will wash away, but as it turns out the entire video is carried out on the same canvas.

Apple nailed it

Not with iPhone 7, but with the “Don’t Blink” video. You will fall in love with the presentation and how the white text flashes over the black background. It is thrilling because it is fast, whoever designed it did so with incredible accuracy. It is not too fast so you would miss the words, but fast enough to keep up with the beats and the bass in the music.

The harmony between the frames and the thump is breathtaking.

I was impressed by the fact that at the end of the Apple video, they tell you to blink and then you realized that you really haven’t been all through the duration of the video. It is like the team behind the clip knew what kind of magic they were putting into it. A perfect sequence, fast pace, clever non-grammatical but comprehensible sentence, the fun factor, the pauses, the visual effects, and especially the music; all of these seem to be the secret ingredients.

I do feel guilty of having deprived you of the surprise factor the Apple video offers, however, be my witness I didn’t reveal any actual detail. That’s for you to find out. So watch “Apple―Don’t Blink” and enjoy the thrill ride.