Maxed Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher :

The Rocket Launcher

This is a great weapon in the game Doom. It is a fast firing rocket launcher that holds specific rocket launcher ammunition. It packs nice damage and has splash effect damage as well or area of effect damage. It makes quick work of smaller enemies, and with the Multi-Lock on, function becomes ever more powerful. Just be aware that you can take self damage if you are in the blast radius of the rocket launcher's AoE.

Lock-On Burst Skill Tree

For starters, we have the base rocket launcher. However, when lock-on burst mod is equipped, it changes the weapon dramatically.

First, there is quick lock. This lowers the time it takes to lock onto an enemy. Note, you can use only the lock-on burst when the target aim turns orange. This quick lock will lower that time to perform the LT action. Furthermore, you will have a "cool down" after using the lock-on burst. The Faster Recoveryperk will lower this cool down time. Finally, you can multiply your targets by three, and the rockets will be divided among those three targets. This is called multi-targeting, and I find it to be of limited use. I only find it to be one of the weaker final perks on the games nice amount of weapons in the Doom Marine's arsenal. This is despite the base weapon, and it's mod being very powerful and intriguing.


The game has great variety in weaponry. The Lock-On Burst will not disappoint rocket enthusiasts. Blasting up to three rockets at once with the lock on. It can take down some of the games toughest enemies with ease. This goes double when using the Quad Damage artifact.Even using the rocket launcher at base is still fun and has quite an impressive array of animations and graphics and even amusing sounds when used.

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It should keep everyone interested for a while. On a final note, I love the weapon mod. Its smaller skill perks are very useful. One major nit pick is it's ultimate perk that I feel could have been developed a bit more intriguing, or at least explained more thoroughly for rocket launcher and Doom fans to use.