The mobile space has continued to dominate in adoption, growth, and development. For the New Year all the different industries are placing their efforts on how to best leverage this competitive sector. According to,the number of mobile users is expected to reach 4.61 billion in 2016. With that many users connected, there's a growing need to deploy more support services for mobile apps.

B2C and Helpshift

The business to consumer (B2C) in-app support platform Helpshiftannounced the launch of a full suite of mobile customer support on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The customer support solutions suite includes the following: in-app chat, native frequently asked questions (FAQs), in-app campaigns, and rich device data.

This new enhancement allows for deeper integration and for businesses to connect much easier with their customers. The way this happens is Helpshift's platform is able to offer a fully native experience on mobile, which will equip brands to reduce churn and instead retain user loyalty, according to the company.

“As more big businesses continue to leverage mobile as a new strategic channel, providing a complete support experience in-app has become a clear need, as well as a competitive advantage. Our relationship with Salesforce is a win for the whole industry, as more brands and their app developers, product managers, and marketers can reap the benefits of our combined strengths for mobile users,” said Abinash Tripathy, CEO and co-founder, Helpshift.

Improved integration and optimization

Instead of dialing or conducting online searches to troubleshoot an app you have the resources built-in to the app. This happens through Helpshift´s in-app SDK and works seamlessly with the Salesforce Service cloud. In other words, they're able to use mobile support tools (in-app chat, in-app campaigns, in-app surveys and searchable FAQs).

There has been a lot of talk about optimizing content marketing and digital marketing becoming mainstream in 2016. Nevertheless, building the necessary support tools into an app needs to be considered and not overlooked. The different teams from the different companies will be able to work that much closer and really tailor the mobile applicationsusageexperience toward the real needs of its targeted users.

It's safe to say mobile is here to stay:

  • Number of mobile app downloads 2,24,801 million in 2016
  • Worldwide mobile app revenues expected to reach $58.21 billion in 2016
  • Percentage of paid app revenues worldwide to reach 45 percent in 2016

It's probably an excellent idea to invest part of your 2016 business efforts in improving mobile support and to start building brand loyalty through customer care solutions with apps.