The future is closer than you think!

In an episode ofThe App Guy Podcast, the host Paul Kemp talks to a leading wireless charging founder.

In this futuristic discussion, Omri Lachman, CEO and co-founder of Humavox, talks about the problems currently with wireless charging and the breakthroughs humankindhas been making to bring us closer to a world without wires. A world of charging our devices through the air.

Listen to anextract of the audio episode accompanying this article. For example, Omri says:

"One of the things that we're doing right now is charging over distance."

Wire stripping

This is a particular timely discussion because of the rumours about Apple's iPhone having no audio jack.

As we know, the iPhone and MacBook's have been progressively removing sockets with the aim to reduce the wires we need.

  • Everyone now connects to the Internet via WiFi or 3/4G, so we don't need an ethernet port.
  • More of us are using bluetooth headphones

So, we can easily predict that Apple will eventually want to remove the need for a power lead and replace this with wireless charging.

Imagine the convenience? A wireless world of smartphone charging means:

  • Smartphones will rarely run out of power
  • Users don't need to stand next to plug points charging out empty smartphone whilst browsing Facebook or Twitter
  • The world will have outside wireless charging signals, much like the way we currently get WiFi
  • Finally, we don't need to worry about having the righttype of lead when seeking an outside charging point

More from Humavox

Not only do we focus on wireless charging, but we explore the life of a founder tackling such a big 'first world' problem.

For example,here is an snippet of the fascinating chat:

"Remember that whether you're developing an application, a web service, or wireless charging, focus on who you're developing for, not on who you're trying to sell this technology to. Ultimately and usually we're developing for users."

In summary, take a listen to the accompanying extract of the interview between Paul Kemp of The App Guy Podcast and Omri Lachman of Humavox.