Ashleigh Barty has, in recent times, become one of the biggest athletes in the world. She would take the Tennis world by storm, becoming one of its most successful players in the last five years.

A native of the Brisbane region, Barty has also become one of Australia's most popular sports figures. Many tennis enthusiasts would likely have guessed that she would be a major player for years to come. But, as ESPN notes, Barty says it's time to "chase other dreams" instead.

Has announced her retirement from tennis

CNN reports that Ashleigh Barty has opted to conclude her career as a professional tennis player.

It's a move that likely comes as a shock to many fans of the sport.

Barty says that she's thankful for everything tennis has given her and that she'd "never stop loving" it. She also thanked her supporters and expressed gratitude for lifelong memories. But she also indicated that she's "spent."

She elaborated on her reasons for stepping away in a statement. "I know how much work it takes to bring the best out of yourself. I've said it to my team multiple times, and it's just that I don't have that in me anymore." She doesn't "have the physical drive" nor "the emotional want" to continue at the tennis world's top. "I just know physically, I have nothing more to give," Barty continued.

There have also been recent developments in Ashleigh Barty's personal life.

She became engaged to be married to professional golfer Garry Kissick last year. But Barty indicated that she'd been contemplating retirement since before the engagement was announced.

Barty has soared to the top of her sport in singles at the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open. Similarly, in women's doubles at the US Open.

Arguably her weakest discipline on the main tour has been mixed doubles. But, somewhat ironically, it would perhaps be considered her best in an Olympic competition.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tweeted that he'd spoken to Barty following her announcement. He thanked her for "inspiring a nation" and said she's "all class." Also, wishing the best to Barty and her fiancé for their wedding and beyond.

Has also been a professional cricket player

Ashleigh Bart has taken time away from tennis in the past. At the time, calling it "a break" as opposed to outright retirement, which she did this time around. Rather famously, she even decided to pursue professional cricket instead.

Barty eventually competed in the Women's Big Bash League, the top professional women's cricket league in Australia. She was a member of the Brisbane Heat. Barty also played elsewhere in the Brisbane area, including with the Queensland Fire.