Minutes after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans Saints, 30-20, in the Divisional Round on Sunday, Tom Brady shared a touching moment with his counterpart Drew Brees, and his family. Videos of Brady giving Brees a hug and high-fives to his children who are playing on the SuperDome Field, maybe for the last time as the long-time Saints quarterback is reportedly calling it a career. After having a long talk with Brees, Brady capped the emotional moment with a touchdown pass to one of Brees’ son, per a report by Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports.

Brady and Brees earlier made history as they became the oldest starting quarterbacks in terms of combined age (85) in the league’s history to face off in an NFL game.

Brady became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide because of his touching gesture to the Brees family, with many netizens praising him for his action, including those who have hated Brady. James Palmer of NFL Network captured a video of the moment and posted it on his Twitter account with the caption “As Tom Brady and Drew Brees hug and say goodbye after a long talk on the field, Brady throws a touchdown pass to Brees’ son. One walks off to play in the NFC championship, the other stays to play with his kids.”

Netizens laud Brady

Palmer’s post drew hundreds of comments, including several from Brady haters who claimed that they were touched by the Buccaneers’ quarterback’s gesture to a fellow veteran signal-caller.

A certain John Starcevich III (@johnstar3) commented “My hate for Tom Brady is gone. Much respect for both of the legends from Broncos Country!” Starcevich’s comment was echoed by @diskjokk, who tweeted “Me too man! All that hate I had for TB all these years, instantly went "out the window" after I watched this video. Just a class act here who created a special memory for Drew's kids.”

Sports heroes are also human too

User Scott (@scottaferguson1) added “Weird. Trying really hard to continue my hatred of Brady. He’s become somewhat human the last couple of weeks. Not sure what to do with this” while Cameron Barnes (@CameronBarnes89) said Tom Brady is truly the Goat. I’m ashamed I used to not like him. For Emmanuel Luna (@34mrluna), the video humanized our sports idols.

These guys r just like us, they fail, they have success, they have families. But they were created by the same person who created us,” he said. Of course, some Brady haters tried to put the veteran quarterback in a negative light, but user Alkmouse (@alkmouse) urged them to “stop and enjoy the fact that two great quarterbacks that have played for a long time stood together like old friends and talked.”

Bucs to face Packers for NFC title

The 43-year-old Brady completed 18 of 33 passes for 199 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions and added a game-sealing touchdown sneak for his third touchdown of the day to help the Buccaneers avenge their two losses to the Saints in the regular season and advance to the NFC title game, per Scott Smith of Buccaneers.com.

The Buccaneers will play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday for a spot in the Super Bowl. The Buccaneers have the mental edge as they defeated the Packers, 38-10, in their Week 6 showdown. This will be Brady’s 14th conference championship in his 21-year career.