After Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered their second straight loss, this time a 27-24 defeat at the hands of the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, various reports surfaced regarding a supposed rift between the veteran quarterback and head coach Bruce Arians. Former New England Patriots linebackers and current football analysts Tedy Bruschi and Rob Ninkovich also called for the firing of Arians, saying that his playstyle is not fit for Brady's ability. During the post-game conference, Brady was asked by ESPN's Jenna Laine about his former teammates' comments.

Still, the veteran quarterback called it "external noise" when they are losing before abruptly ending his talk with the media.

Brady discusses coaching issue

On Monday, Brady addressed his relationship with Arians during his weekly interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio. When asked by Gray about his thoughts on Arians, the criticism that he has been receiving from his head coach and the comments from of his former teammates, Brady replied: "That's just being a player in the NFL. Anytime you lose games, a lot of people want to place the blame," said Brady, adding that the media wants to pit one player against another player or player against a coach. "That's not been my style. I have a great relationship with BA (Bruce Arians).

We talk every day. I got a lot of respect for him," Brady said, per transcription from the audio of the interview. The veteran quarterback added that he always thinks from the player's standpoint to perform better. "I certainly haven't played to my level of expectation, and I got to do a better job," he said.

Brady is confident with his teammates

Brady also expressed confidence in his teammates and the coaching staff as they enter the last quarter of the season. "We're all in this together, and we're all gonna row in the same direction," Brady said of his teammates and coaches, adding football is an ultimate team sport. "I got a bunch of good teammates, and we're gonna go out there and worked our tail off," he added.

Brady also admitted that his Instagram stories earlier in the day were meant to send a message and to fire up his teammates. Brady said the words "teamwork," "determination." and "perseverance" on his Instagram stories are the qualities of the Buccaneers that drive them to succeed on and off the field.

Arians says Brady now picking plays

Earlier on Monday, Michael Silver of NFL Network told an episode of The Aftermath that he had a chance to talk to Arians and told him that Brady picks all the picks now for the Buccaneers. "We call what he picks. We just have to get better," Silver said, quoting Arians. Recently, Hall of Fame tight end and Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe said Arians should let Brady run the offense to his liking.

Arians also told Silver that he's getting more comfortable every week and getting close with Brady, per a report by Nick Shook of Against the Chiefs, Brady completed 27 of 41 passes for 345 yards and three touchdowns with two interceptions as the Buccaneers slipped to 7-5.