Bethune-Cookman University is a historically black institution located in Daytona Beach, Florida. It's also a Methodist school. Among its alumni are a number of professional athletes.

College sports have been enormously hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools around the United States have taken drastic action because of it. Bethune-Cookman has made a major move of its own.

Cancels sports for the rest of the 2020-21 school year

Bethune-Cookman is not planning to field teams for any of its sponsored sports in the near future. It comes as confirmed COVID-19 cases have surged throughout the United States, including in Florida.

Yahoo reports that University President E. LaBrent Chrite said, 'the risks are too great for our student-athletes.'

The decision was apparently quick and a surprise to many. Just days before, schedules were released for Bethune-Cookman's football and two basketball teams. It may have been abrupt, but Chrite said the decision was not complicated. He said it was done to protect student-athletes, coaches, staff, fans,, and community partners.

ESPN indicates that Bethune-Cookman is the first NCAA Division I school to cancel all sports over COVID-19. But it could very well not be the last. Several institutions have eliminated one or more sponsored sports from their athletic departments. In most part because of finances.

The University of California, Riverside of the Big West Conference, has avoided permanently eliminating its entire athletic program.

The move brings an early end to Bethune-Cookman's long-standing conference affiliation

For decades, Bethune-Cookman has been a member of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. Its geography is a bit off from most other member institutions, but they've made it work.

But starting in the summer of 2021, it's set to move to another conference. It is another one that might traditionally be outside the geographical purview of the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

But it looks like the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats won't end up getting their farewell tour in the MEAC. The Wildcats have done quite well for themselves in the conference, including historically dominant success in baseball.

At one point, Bethune-Cookman won the MEAC baseball championship in 11 out of 12 years.

They've also reached the pinnacle within the conference in other sports as well, including a combined seven conference championships between the men's and women's basketball teams. The football team has won the conference championship on eight occasions. Two of which were under head coach Larry Little. Little is perhaps Bethune-Cookman's most famous alum.

After winning two Super Bowls in the NFL, Little returned to his alma mater as the head coach. Following his coaching tenure there, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His brother, David, also played in the NFL.