Tennis has arguably been one of the sports hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. The year was already expected to be complicated by the Olympics, which have now been postponed, causing more complications.

But with the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, the 2020 tennis schedule took some hits, including the postponement of the French Open and the outright cancelation of Wimbledon. Tennis enthusiasts have been waiting on a decision regarding the US Open.

Could be moved across the country

For most of its history, the US Open has been played in New York City.

New York City has been quite possibly the city most impacted by COVID-19 in the world, which puts its ability to hold a major global event like the US Open in serious doubt.

According to ESPN, Boris Becker has come out against it. Becker won the 1989 US Open title in men's singles. He said he didn't think it would be wise to have a tournament in New York City in the current situation.

As noted by MSN, the tournament might be on the move. United States Tennis Association Executive Director Michael Dowse recently indicated as such. In a recent interview, Dowse said the US Open could be moved to Indian Wells in Southern California. Indian Wells normally plays host to the BNP Paribas Open. Arguably the biggest tennis in the world outside of the Grand Slams.

A relocated 2020 US Open would most likely take place in November.

However, Dowse did not rule out playing the tournament in New York City, but without fans present. 'Nothing is off the table,' according to Dowse. The US Open site in Queen has also been used as a field hospital after the spread of COVID-19. Ironically, it's part of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, located in Queens.

A move to Indian Wells would be ironic

The US Open being moved to Indian Wells would actually be somewhat ironic. This being because of the effect the novel coronavirus had on the 2020 BNP Paribas Open. The tournament did not go forward as intended. It was one of the first large-scale tennis tournaments to be effected by COVID-19.

In fact, it was one of, if not the first, high-profile international sporting events to not go ahead.

At the time, California was considered one of the biggest COVID-19 hot spots in the United States. The first confirmed COVID-19 cases near Indian Wells had just been discovered. Shortly after that, problems increased and intensified in New York City. Officials in California, meanwhile, have expressed optimism going back to a slightly more normal status soon.

But that would still only be in a relative sense. Even in Indian Wells, a 2020 US Open would probably have to be played without fans in attendance. Along with other probable safety alterations that would be put in place.