The New England Patriots and veteran quarterback Tom Brady saw their 2019 campaign come to an unexpected end with a 20-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card Game on Saturday at Gillette Stadium. The 42-year-old Brady tried to spark a comeback in the dying seconds, but his last pass of the season resulted in a pick-six by cornerback Logan Ryan. Many saw that pass as Brady’s last in a Patriots uniform, but former New England executive Scott Pioli believes that it won’t be the final throw that the veteran quarterback would be making for the storied organization.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Pioli expressed belief that Brady will return for his 21st season with the Patriots. “I can’t imagine this will be his last game. I can’t imagine this will be his last game with the Patriots,” Pioli stressed.

The former Patriots executive said he doesn’t see Brady ending his Hall of Fame-bound career with a pick-six. Pioli, a former Patriots vice president for player personnel, said Boston Red Sox great Ted Williams ended his career with a homer, so “Tom Brady is not gonna go out with a pick-six.” In an interview following their loss to the Titans, Brady said he is unlikely to retire after this season.

However, Brady said he doesn’t know what the future holds when asked if he will remain with the Patriots, who took a chance on him with the 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. On Sunday, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick that there will be an appropriate time to discuss Brady’s future with the team. Earlier, Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr., said the fate of his son staying with the Patriots lies with Belichick.

However, Belichick clarified that he’s not the only one making the moves regarding players’ contracts, saying it is a collective decision by all key officials.

Brady won’t accept hometown discount

In the past, Brady had given the Patriots several hometown discounts to enable them to surround him with good players. However, those days are over with Brady set to become a free agent after this season, according to Fox Sports football analyst Jay Glazer.

Glazer told Fox Sports on Sunday that Brady won’t give the Patriots a hometown discount if he goes back to New England. “I’m told if he does go back to the Patriots, he doesn’t want to do the same hometown discount he’s done in the past,” Glazer said, per his sources.

Glazer doesn’t see Brady moving to other team

Glazer said there is also a possibility that Brady might look at other quarterback-needy teams. According to him, there have been talks that Brady would go somewhere with Josh McDaniels, who is a strong candidate for head coaching jobs elsewhere, probably the Carolina Panthers. However, Glazer said he doesn’t see Brady joining the Panthers as he is best fit with the Patriots, but money could be an issue. Last season, Brady earned a total of $23 million with the Patriots, per Spotrac.