The Carolina Panthers have begun their head coaching search and now are looking at Mike McCarthy, and have interviewed the former Packers' head coach. The Carolina Panthers ended up firing Head Coach Ron Rivera after the Week 13 loss against the Washington Redskins. ESPN's Adam Schefter first broke the news that the Panthers interviewed the former Packers' head coach, following their Sunday loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

McCarthy was the Packers' head coach from 2006 to 2018, with a 125-77-2 season record and one Super Bowl victory. He received some interest from a few teams last year but spent the season away from the league.

McCarthy has recently been on somewhat of a media tour. CBS Sports reports that McCarthy has actually been spending time studying film and putting together a possible coaching staff.

McCarthy's critics have argued that the Packers' success was more down to Aaron Rodgers' performance, rather than the coaching. Bleacher Report reported that Rodgers and McCarthy had a questionable relationship and expressed his frustration with the coach's decision-making.

Mike McCarthy resume earns him a spot on the list of possible HC replacements

McCarthy's Green Bay offense gameplan drew much criticism for being stale and stagnant, so it appears he is willing to consider new ideas, refreshed and ready for a new coaching job in the National Football League.

Panthers' owner David Tepper has shown he is willing to make changes to the operations side of the team, starting with the firing of Rivera and a possible reshaped front office. However, he has said he's unwilling to do a complete rebuild.

McCarthy earned praise for his role in Aaron Rodgers' development in Green Bay and their Super Bowl victory after the 2010 season.

McCarthy spoke to and said that he has spent the year diving into analytics and reviewing newer offensive philosophies.

Other teams will be on the hunt for someone like Mike McCarthy

A reset instead of a rebuild signals a focus on hiring a proven head coach, and McCarthy's record in Green Bay, and his history with a quarterback the caliber of Aaron Rodgers, put him at the top of the list of potential head coaching candidates around the league.

It's too early in the process to really know if Carolina is a realistic spot for him to get that opportunity. But, he has put his hat in the ring, and we'll see in the future if other teams are interested in McCarthy becoming their next head coach.

NFL Network previously reported that McCarthy was planning to interview with the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns as they searched for new head coaches last January. McCarthy was focused on the Jets' vacancy but New York ended up with Adam Gase.