The Buffalo Bills won their first game of the season on the road in thrilling fashion against the New York Jets, 17-16. Now they'll play at the same stadium when they take on the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon. The Giants will come into the game 0-1 after being obliterated by the Dallas Cowboys, 35-17. The defense couldn't stop Dak Prescott and made him look like one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Now the defense will need to stop Josh Allen and the Bills offense. Pat Shurmur doesn't seem too worried.

Pat Shurmur has no praise for Josh Allen

In a press conference prior to the game, Shurmur responded to a reporter's question in an interesting way. He said that prior to the NFL draft, he felt like Josh Allen had a chance to be a "starter" in the NFL someday. Kimberly Jones, who seemed a bit surprised by the answer, asked about Josh Allen again. Pat Shurmur did not backpedal from his prior statement about the Bills quarterback.

The Giants head coach probably should have been more careful, as the Buffalo Bills will likely use this as fire for their offense.

Sean McDermott and the coaching staff are likely plastering pictures of Shurmur all over the walls to amp up the offense. If the Bills want to prove Shurmur wrong, they'll need to play far better in the first half than they did against the New York Jets.

The Bills offense and Sean McDermott's confidence in Allen

The Bills coach has no problem supporting Allen in the media, often praising the young sophomore.

Brian Daboll also appears comfortable with the quarterback, and he proved it by calling a ton of pass plays early on against the New York Jets.

While it's great that the coaching staff has confidence in Allen, Daboll might want to focus more on figuring out how to get rookie Devin Singletary more involved in the offense.

He had 70 rushing yards on just four carries and was a huge reason why the Bills offense played much better in the 2nd half of the game. The rushing attack took some of the pressure off Josh Allen, who had four turnovers in the first half. The Giants didn't force the Cowboys into any turnovers in week 1, and consistently allowed Dallas to march down the field for touchdowns. If Shurmur doesn't want to look like a fool, the defense will need to play much better at home.

Remember what happened last time someone called out Josh Allen? When Allen was criticized by Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, all Allen did was rush for nearly 100 yards and a touchdown, leading his team to a 24-21 victory.

After the game, Ramsey went over to Allen and shook his hand, admitting defeat.

Let's hope that Pat Shurmur looks just as foolish on Sunday afternoon when the Bills take on the New York Giants in another game at Metlife Stadium.