Dez Bryant was once one of the Dallas Cowboys' best players but ended up being cut in 2017, and then several teams were rumored to be interested in the star receiver. Bryant ended up signing a deal with the New Orleans Saints in November. Sadly, he ended up with a torn Achilles during practice, putting an immediate halt to his 2018 campaign.

Many top players have not been able to return from a torn Achilles, no matter the sport. Dez Bryant appears to be the exception, as he has been seen working out and shared a video of himself running routes last Spring.

However, no team showed any interest in signing him during the offseason. NFL Network's Jane Slater says Bryant believes he is better than where he was when he was with the Saints. He's working at getting back in the NFL, sometime in mid-October.

Dez Bryant hoping to get signed by a team

Next month, will make it 11 months since Dez Bryant suffered his injury. Without seeing him in a team practice or game, it's tough to truly believe he's seriously improved, but an NFL team could still be willing to take a closer look at him soon. Over the last three seasons with Dallas, Bryant started to stall out. In 2015, Bryant was plagued by a foot injury and was forced to sit out seven games. During the 2017 season, Bryant ended up with only 69 catches in the 2015 season.

If it were not for his touchdown production, Bryant wouldn't be a household name.

Bryant could become a serious commodity and could end up being signed by a team in need in mid-October. The Saints could be a team willing to give him a second chance. Nevertheless, there is a serious chance we've seen the last of Bryant on a field.

Doubtful Cowboys will bring back Dez Bryant

League insiders are speculating that we will not be seeing Dez Bryant return to Dallas. However, nothing can be ruled out at this time. After moving on from Bryant, Dallas began the season with a strong receiver core. Dallas surrendered a first-round pick to the Oakland Raiders for wide receiver Amari Cooper.

The Cowboys have a deep wide receiver core, which they believe will thrive in the new offense.

While Bryant appears to be getting ready to enter the league again, he also said on Twitter that he has no desire to find a new home in the NFL. Bryant tweeted out a story about a lawsuit against the Cowboys and running back Ezekiel Elliot. While Dez's best days had him as one of the best wideouts on his team and around the league, it's a longshot he will stick around even with a possible October return. He's become known for his off-field comments than his on-field performance. Dez Bryant followers will have to wait and see what the future holds for him and whether we will actually see him on the field again.