Almost everyone thought that the two-year contract extension worth $70 million that Tom Brady signed with the New England Patriots will stop all the swirling rumors about his future with the team. However, the deal fueled the fire that Brady is in his last season with the Patriots and could test the free-agent market after the 2019 season. While the Patriots gave Brady an extension and an $8 million raise for the 2019 season, the two years in his contract are voidable, meaning the 42-year-old quarterback could test the free-agent market after this season.

The rumors intensified further after Brady put his $39-million Brookline, Massachusetts estate on the market, indicating that he could be on his way out of New England and could play elsewhere. Also, Brady himself said that he’s focused on leading the Patriots to their seventh Super Bowl title this season.

Analyst: Kraft would rather lose games than lose Brady

However, former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, who now works as an ESPN analyst, believes that Patriots CEO, Robert Kraft would rather lose games than lose Brady to free agency. “He would rather lose than not have Tom Brady on his football team or playing for somebody else,” Orlovsky said, adding that Kraft would do everything to protect his investment on the Patriots.

It will be remembered that Kraft bought the Patriots for $179 million in 1994 and their value has risen to $3.7 billion. Also, Orlovsky said Kraft, as a part of culture in Boston, would not turn his back on Brady and will ride with him until he decides to call it a career. “Bob Kraft is not gonna turn his back on Tom Brady, nor is Tom Brady gonna turn his back on Bob Kraft and the people of Boston,” Orlovsky insisted.

Earlier, former Patriots executive Mike Lombardi said the voidable years in Brady’s contract extension should not be considered as an issue. According to Lombardi, who worked with head coach Bill Belichick for several years, Kraft will make Brady a Patriot for life. Lombardi added that Brady’s decision to sell his house has nothing to do with his decision after this season.

Brady reveals future plans after NFL career

During an interview with the “Greg Hill Show”, Brady explained his decision to put his house on the market, saying people should not read into it. Brady said he decided to put his house on the market now because it will not be easy to dispose of, especially with its price. Brady said fans should not worry because he’s focused on leading the Patriots to an NFL-record seventh Super Bowl ring. In the interview, Brady revealed his plan to go into architectural design after his NFL career is over because he loves building houses. However, Brady still plans to continue his TB12 business despite his desire to enter into another field.