Manny Pacquiao’s legacy has already been secured with all the accolades he has accomplished throughout his illustrious Boxing career. Colin Cowherd, of Fox Sports 1, thought the reigning WBA (Super) welterweight champion deserves further recognition, that of being ranked one of the top 10 lefties of all time.

Cowherd revealed his list, of the top 10 lefties of all time, last week, in celebration of the National Left-Handers Day. Since man began writing history, many left-handed people have walked on the face of the earth, but only 10 of them were extraordinarily enough to crack into Cowherd’s list of top lefties of all time.

Pacquiao, who is a 12-time world champion, landed at No.9 on Cowherd’s top-10 list ahead Houston Rockets guard James Harden and just below Hollywood star Keanu Reeves and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young.

Cowherd opined Pacquiao’s overall body of work as a boxer, politician and influential figure checks all the boxes for him to be considered one of the greatest lefties of all time.

“Manny Pacquiao, did you know he was left-handed? A lot of people in our staff did not know he’s left-handed. He has won 12 major titles and just beat, by the way, Keith Thurman He's the only eighth-division champ in the history of boxing, also a senator of the Philippines, and certainly one of the seminal kind of boxers in the last 30 years,” Cowherd said of Pacquiao in the video below.

The sports analyst rounded out the rest of the list with Reeves at No.8 (due to his many portrayals as a sporting hero), Young at No.7, former baseball MVP Ken Griffey Jr.

at No.6, the great philosopher Aristotle at No.5, tennis star Rafael Nadal at No.4, home run king Barry Bonds at No.3, Celtics great Bill Russell at No.2 and finally baseball Godfather Babe Ruth at No.1.

Pacquiao’s legacy

Over the past weeks, there is this hot debate making rounds in the boxing community about who really is the greatest fighter of all time.

In the previous years, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson were the only shoo-ins to the title as the greatest ever. However, the prevailing narrative is constantly changing recently with the emergence of this generation’s boxing stars like Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

Boxing Record added fuel to the fire after it released their list of greatest fighters of all time. Many were shocked to see Mayweather and Pacquiao coming in at No.1 and No.2 respectively, while Ali, Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, and Roberto Duran didn’t even make it in the top-3.

Max Kellerman of ESPN also shared his opinion on the topic, saying Pacquiao has the case to be considered among the greatest fighter of all time given his unprecedented in-ring accomplishment as the only eight-division and five lineal weight class boxing champion.

The journey continues

Sean Gibbons, the chief adviser of Pacquiao and head of MP Promotions, also thought that Pacquiao isn’t getting the credit he deserves. He also believed the Filipino fighting champ now has a better boxing resume than Mayweather because of his longevity and the quality of opponents he faced throughout his career.

Gibbons added that Pacquiao, who went 2-0 in 2019, will continue to pursue fights that would put him in position to further enhance his legacy. The promoter added they have already narrowed down the list of potential foes for the Senator. As of this moment, the names of Shawn Porter, Mikey Garcia, Danny Garcia have emerged as favorites to land a Pacquiao fight with top-level welterweights like Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford coming in as possible opponents in the second half of 2020.