Add Mexican great Erik Morales to the growing list of boxers who support Manny Pacquiao’s claim as the greatest boxer of all time.

The 42-year-old Morales was in attendance at the press conference of the Jaime Munguia vs. Patrick Allotey fight for the WBO super welterweight title on the Mexican Independence Day, September 14, at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Now a full-time trainer and elected Congressman in Mexico, “El Terrible” has been more vocal in expressing his opinion on several boxing topics nowadays as compared to his younger years.

As any boxing fans know, Morales engaged in three classic fights with Pacquiao with the Mexican bagging the victory of the first fight and the Filipino boxing champ ending up as the winner of the last two.

With regards to the pressing question as to who is greater between Pacquiao and Mayweather, Morales definitely has a say on it.

“Manny Pacquiao, Pacquiao has a better career on paper. He fought tougher opposition than Mayweather,” Morales said in the EsNews video below.

The greatest of All-Time debate

Several years ago, it’s almost taboo to put Pacquiao in the conversation on who is the greatest boxer of all time. The general consensus is, the only fighters who can lay claim to the imaginary title are Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali, and anyone below that isn’t just worthy enough for any consideration.

However, Pacquiao’s accomplishment as the only boxer who won world titles in eight different weight classes from flyweight to super welterweight, along with his remarkable longevity in the sport has catapulted the Filipino pugilist to the upper echelon of boxing elites.

All of a sudden, the legend of Pacquiao has grown bigger in every victory he earned in his 40s.

His latest victory over Keith “One Time” Thurman, a guy 10 years younger and viewed by pundits as the best welterweight two years ago, has helped further magnify Pacquiao’s greatness.

Finally, the media is starting to realize how great Pacquiao has been these last 20 years. Renowned boxing analyst Max Kellerman even came up with an intriguing monologue on ESPN’s Max on Boxing, in which he talked about Pacquiao as a once-in-generation talent and perhaps the true ruler of boxing’s Iron Throne.

Retirement Plans

While Morales is revelling at Pacquiao’s greatness, the other Mexican rival, Juan Manuel Marquez, seems to be starting a campaign for the Filipino champ to finally put his boxing career to rest.

In a recent interview with Marcos Villegas of FightHub, Marquez voiced out his concern on Pacquiao’s well-being going forwards in his post-boxing career especially after receiving a ton of punishments from Thurman in his last fight.

Marquez said that Pacquiao should really consider retirement seriously because fighting younger, stronger opponents could put him at risk.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s chief adviser and MP Promotions head Sean Gibbons shut down speculation about Pacquiao’s retirement, saying only the Filipino champ can tell when to hang his gloves for good.

"I don't want to speak for the senator. From my own personal opinion, we take one fight at a time. So whatever the next fight is, he sets it up. You'll know," Gibbons told the media at the PSA Forum on Tuesday at the Amelie Hotel in Manila via ABS-CBN.