Disney just fired the first shot in the streaming service game. During their investors call meeting, Disney officially announced that they will offer a bundle that includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for only $12.99. Separately, Disney+ is set to launch for $6.99 a month. ESPN+ currently costs $4.99 a month. Right now Hulu costs you $5.99 a month. By offering a plan that is cheap, Disney is giving subscribers a bundle that is cheaper than what you can get with Netflix and Amazon Prime separately.

Disney Plus is an upcoming streaming service that will bring together all of its properties under one roof, which includes Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, National Geographic and 20th Century Fox.

In order to be ready for its Nov. 12 launch, Disney has already been removing most of its content off of Netflix and getting ready for a fight against Netflix and Amazon.

Disney's new bundled package is a 'win-win'

By bringing together Disney+ service with the popular ESPN and Hulu streaming services for a dirt cheap price, it will be hard for potential subscribers to not see this bundle as a "win-win." This bundle provides subscribers with all the sports, movies and Disney content they could want and enjoy.

The newly announced bundle is an attempt by Disney to claim the title of "King of Streaming," away from Netflix and Amazon, while also taking a big chunk out of the streaming market. With this new announcement from Disney, it's expected Netflix and Amazon may respond with shots of their own, which could lead into a price war on all sides.

Disney CEO Bob Iger managed to discuss the bundle but he did not make it clear if the bundle will be available in international markets. Currently, Hulu is not available in Canada, but Disney wants to bring Hulu to global markets too. Iger said there is nothing new to announce in terms of markets. Iger spoke at length to investors about Disney+ and called it the most important product launched during his tenure as CEO.

The streaming services is expected to be available through "Amazon, Apple, and other major distributors." Disney has not made and deals with these companies but Iger said that they are focused on achieving scale quickly.

Streaming battle heats up in 2020 thanks to HBO streaming service

In 2020, HBO will launch its streaming service which will include its vast entertainment library that its parent company AT&T has acquired.

We've entered what can only be called the 'Great Streaming Wars,' and it will be drawn out as companies fight for subscribers and content.

ESPN+ is the Disney owned streaming platform that covers hundreds of MLB, NHL and MLS games and Grand Slam tennis, as well as a variety of other sports as well. It's now become the streaming destination for UFC fights.