German Tennis star Boris Becker won Wimbledon three times and has now gone bankrupt. It is because of a divorce battle and a financial dispute. The divorce issue is not like any battle on the tennis arena. His ex-wife, Lilly is a party to the proceedings and the one-time tennis great is facing bankruptcy. In the month of May, the two of them had indicated about arriving at an understanding. They had gone to the extent of declaring a truce in December last year and cleared the confusion of who was divorcing whom. However, the writing was on the wall and Boris had no other option but to auction off some of his most prized possessions.

Metro UK reports about a few items that are lined up for sale. One of these is a watch gifted to him by Novak Djokovic. Another item in the list is a certificate from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. It commemorated the men’s doubles gold medal win where he was partner to Michael Stich. The 1985 Wimbledon replica trophy he won at the age of 17 is also on the list.

He had an illustrious career

The career of Boris Becker spanned more than two decades during which time he won 49 singles titles.

The auction began on June 24 and the items could fetch handsome prices. One of these is a US Open trophy that he won in 1989. It was for his victory over Ivan Lendl. It is one of the high-value items. Boris had filed for bankruptcy in 2017 but there was a postponement of the first planned sale of his assets. This was because of some developments related to his appointment to a body where he could not be subjected to legal proceedings.

Becker is now dating British model Layla Powell and is trying to get custody of his nine-year-old son from the previous marriage.

Metro UK mentions about a statement from Mark Ford. He is a trustee of Boris Becker’s bankruptcy estate.

He said, “We are pleased that the auction can now be resumed, as these assets are one of the few remaining assets of the bankruptcy.” He went on to add that the auction offers an opportunity for tennis fans to acquire the precious memorabilia.

Items on offer a collector’s delight

According to Sky News, German tennis legend Boris Becker has to repay his debts. The only option before him is to auction off his trophies and other items that had been associated with his two-decade-old career. He was declared bankrupt two years ago and is now auctioning off items like shoes and clothes that he wore on the court apart from the trophies he won during his career at the Wimbledon, The Davis Cup, and The U.S Open.

The memorabilia includes items like tennis rackets, sweatbands, goblets, and socks. Such items might land up in another country. There are instances of stars who filed for bankruptcy. It happens when there is an imbalance between earning and expenditure.