The Toronto Raptors have always been interested in reuniting with former franchise player Vince Carter, but apparently, the interest hasn’t been mutual, according to Josh Lewenberg of TSN Sports.

Lewenberg revealed in his tweet that the Raptors have tried to bring back Carter north of the border multiple times. Unfortunately, the Raptors beat writer revealed, as informed by a team insider, that Carter hasn’t shown any real interest to make Toronto’s most-sought reunion a reality.

“Here we go again: Vince Carter shifting blame to the Raptors. It has to be something the organization wants.

The Raps have shown interest in bringing him back multiple times in recent years, I've been told. That interest has never been mutual. Few do revisionist history like VC,” stated Lewenberg, who accused Carter of changing the narrative.

Speculation of a Carter-Raptors reunion has gained steam over the past few days after the former All-Star hinted some interest in finishing his career with the team that drafted him 21 years ago.

Carter, the fifth overall pick at the 1998 NBA Draft, said in an interview with the that “it would be a cool situation” to play again with the Raptors in the final season of his career, though he stressed that it should be something the Raptors organization wants.

“It’d be a cool situation,” Carter told on Saturday.

“It's all about if the situation works if that's something Toronto wants to do. Obviously, the fans kinda want that to happen, but it has to be something the organization wants and feels they need my services.”

Vinsanity is still alive in Toronto

Although Lewenberg’s report undermined Carter’s commitment in playing again with Raptors to some extent, the fascination of having the former SlamDunk champion and Toronto’s most iconic basketball personality back for the Raptors has never stopped.

Canadian and Denver Nuggets star guard Jamal Murray, a self-confessed Raptors fan growing up, has also lobbied for a Carter comeback in Toronto.

Of course, not all Raptors fans are on board with the Carter-Raptors reunion. There’s this group who believe Carter lost the right to play again for the Raptors after he forced his way out of the city in 2004, referring to his trade to the New Jersey Nets.

The last stop for Carter

At 42, Carter fended off retirement for one more NBA seasons. He is still a free agent as of right now, though it’s very likely he will end up with a team before the start of training camp.

New Orleans Pelicans general manager David Griffin is high on taking in Carter as a mentor to young players like Zion Williamson, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and other rookies. The Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings, teams Carter played for these last two years, are two more potential suitors for the veteran.

Carter played for the Hawks during the 2018-19 season, averaging 7.4 points on 41.9 percent field goal shooting in 17.5 minutes per game. He spent his first six-and-half seasons with the Raptors before playing for the Nets, Magic, Suns, Mavs, Grizzlies, Kings and Hawks.