The Chicago Cubs are looking for more bullpen help for the stretch run. Trevor Rosenthal is looking for a new team. Is it possible the two are a match made in heaven? It's unlikely they're the perfect match, but it's possible they could be a match up well for the rest of the 2019 season at least.

Falling in like

Rosenthal had signed with the Washington Nationals this season on a one year deal for $7 million. The Nats had likely hoped that despite the fact he sat out the entire 2018 season with an injury, he could rediscover the killer stuff that had made him the St.

Louis Cardinals closer in 2014 and 2015.

He saved over 40 games in both of those seasons. He also posted ERAs under 3.00 in both years. In 2016 and 2017 he was more of a late innings guy but was still plenty effective, as well as the team's sometimes closer. He saved 14 and 11 games and was considered one of the better relievers in the game.

That sound like something the Chicago Cubs would be interested in, at league minimum? Page ahead to 2019 and you might come to understand why he's out there for the taking. This season, he's appeared in 12 games and posted an abysmal 22.74 earned run average.

He was knocked to the sidelines this season by yet another injury but it seemed as though his return had managed to reset the season.

In four outings in June leading up to Friday, Rosenthal had pitched 3.1 innings and allowed just one earned run. There was a chance he was starting to turn the season around.

Then, on Saturday, he walked three, which led to three runs and didn't record an out. The Washington Nationals had seen enough and Trevor Rosenthal was let go.

The Nats are willing to eat that $7 million contract in order to not have him on the roster. That's where the Chicago Cubs could come in.

Cubs have been dumpster diving quite a bit in 2019

Rosenthal is exactly the low-cost option the Cubs could use right about now. Even with the addition of Craig Kimbrel to the back of the pen, there are still plenty of holes in the bullpen.

There are enough holes, as a matter of fact, that Rosenthal could be a nice addition.

He's a veteran arm who knows the NL Central. If he's really starting to find himself again, it would seem like he has a chance to at least be better than someone like Brad Brach. With so much dumpster diving already from the Chicago Cubs this season, it might make some sense.

Brach has certainly not been the free agent signing they hoped he would be. He could be left on the scrap heap of bad free agent signings and replaced by Rosenthal. It's possible he'd even be willing to sign a minor league deal in order to work his way back.

Then the Chicago Cubs could really give him a workout and see what he still has to offer. With the ability to basically sign him to a minimum contract, there aren't a lot of downsides to giving it a try.