The Cleveland Browns are waiting on word from Gerald McCoy today. After working for the last few weeks on landing the defensive tackle, it looks like everything is coming to a head. That doesn't mean that it could be good news for the Browns. Two other teams are in on the defender. Both of those teams are also hoping that McCoy will pick them when he finally decides where he will be playing football in 2019.

Panthers taking pride in wooing McCoy

Talking about the possibility of being the team that lands the former Tampa Bay Buc, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said that he thinks he liked how the defensive tackle's visit to Carolina went.

He talked about that visit in a recent interview and NBCSports is reporting that Rivera also knows that it could be quite hard to convince McCoy to come here.

Rivera added that he thinks the visit was certainly a good thing for the Panthers, but he also understands the other teams that are going after the defensive tackle are also feeling as though they have plenty of reason to think they are going to have a very good shot to land Gerald McCoy.

Those other teams include the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens. The trio of NFL teams have long been thought to be the squads that have the best chance of landing the player. The Bengals were once in the running as well but it does appear as though new head coach Zac Taylor and his staff have now realized they aren't being considered.

Cleveland Browns waiting for news

While the NFL waits for one of the biggest free agents of this class to finally announce where he will go, it's important to remember the Browns are not the kind of team that will win or lose the Super Bowl because they got or didn't get Gerald McCoy.

The team would certainly be improved if they could get the defensive tackle on the roster, but as Garrett Myles himself has said, the team is going to be plenty good even if Gerald McCoy doesn't join the squad.

The biggest reason why it would be good for the franchise to see McCoy pick them over the Ravens and Panthers is because it would show the team is really looking quite a bit better in the eyes of players in the NFL.

This is likely why the Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers want to win the Gerald McCoy derby as well. Losing out to the Cleveland Browns would not exactly be the best thing in the world when you consider what the team's reputation has been the last few years.

No one is thinking McCoy is going to be sending them to the Super Bowl. The Cleveland Browns are going to be quite a bit better with a veteran presence on the defensive line. That's why the team is likely just a little bit more tense waiting for the announcement than any of the other two squads.