New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller had several classic battles on the field. In the 2015 AFC Championship Game, Miller tallied 2.5 sacks against Brady to lead the Broncos to Super Bowl 50. The Broncos won, giving quarterback Peyton Manning a fitting retirement sendoff. In their regular-season clash in 2017, Brady threw for 266 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Patriots to a 41-16 win where Miller tallied just one tackle.’

Miller clarified that he admires the veteran signal-caller off the gridiron.

Miller had a chance to hang out with Brady and other current and former Patriots players, such as Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, at the Kentucky Derby. The linebacker was a part of NBC’s broadcast team as a lifestyle correspondent. During the event, Miller interviewed Brady and asked him which horse he would bet on. Brady’s choice – Code of Honor -- finished second, after a controversial finish where the leader – Maximum Security – was disqualified for an infraction. In an interview, Miller admitted that “it’s extremely hard not to like Tom Brady and all of those guys. Miller added that he’s a Brady fan unless on Sundays.

Miller a staunch Brady defender

Earlier, Miller called out the so-called haters of the signal-caller, saying the quarterback is a great player.

“He’s been great for a long time, and anybody that hates on him is just a hater, because there’s nothing that you can hate on Tom Brady about,” said Miller. According to Miller, the quarterback has battled through injury and adversity on and off the football field by doing the right way. “He’s taken care of his body. And he’s winning championships at the same time.

So, if you’re hating on him, you’re just a hater, and shame on you,” Miller emphasized.

Ex-Patriot shares interesting Brady story

Former Patriots fullback Heath Evans shared an interesting story about head coach Bill Belichick’s relationship with Brady. In an interview on the "Your Mom's House" podcast, Evans said Belichick holds everyone accountable, starting with Brady.

In 2007, Evans recalled Belichick lambasting Brady despite beating the opposition by around 50 points. As far as Evans can recall, Belichick told Brady that he threw the interception because he’s worried about him and Gisele's next GQ Magazine cover.

Earlier, former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett shared a story about Brady that makes him an NFL legend. According to Bennett, Belichick criticized Brady for his poor play during practice where he failed to complete any pass. The next practice, Brady went on to complete all of his throws after he was fired up by Belichick’s criticism.