The game of musical chairs that resembles college football continued on at its breakneck pace earlier this week when the Washington Huskies appear to have lost two different redshirt freshmen quarterbacks. Now at least one national analyst believes the Nebraska Cornhuskers could be the beneficiaries.

Colson Yankoff and Jacob Sirman both entered their names into the transfer portal on Monday according to 247Sports. ESPN Analyst Brock Huard wasted no time in explaining that he thought Yankoff would be best suited to be coming to a place like Nebraska.

Nebraska football knows Colson Yankoff, kind of

Huard technically used the words "Nebraska style offense" but it's apparent that the Huskers were at the front of the former Washington Huskies quarterback's mind. That makes quite a bit of sense considering that Yankoff has been a target of the Huskers before.

As a matter of fact, back in March of 2017, Nebraska was supposedly in the top three schools for the Idaho quarterback.

Just days after claiming his top three were TCU, Cal and the Cornhuskers, with a lean toward Lincoln, Yankoff picked the Huskies.

Still a fit?

The question now, for Scott Frost and company, has to be whether or not Yankoff is still someone that is a fit for the program. At first blush, the answer would appear to be - yes.

The quarterback was a dual-threat star in high school, which is why Huard believes Nebraska is the kind of program he should be a part of.

He was actually the 6th ranked dual-threat QB in the 2018 class and the 91st best player among all players.

Mike Riley and Danny Langsdorf certainly felt he was someone who could run the ball and run their offense. He would seem to be an even better fit for Frost's offense, as it focuses more on a run-first quarterback. So with that question answered, the real question appears to be whether or not the Huskers still believe he'd be a fit for them.

The new coaching staff obviously never recruited Yankoff so any kind of relationship they forged would be brand new. It's a safe bet that Yankoff is going to be looking to get to whatever school he chooses relatively quickly. That might mean he's going to be looking to staffs he talked to before. Frost and company might be looking to spend their time going after actual freshmen for the 2020 class.

The quarterback redshirted last year and would likely have to sit out the upcoming season. That means he would be a redshirt sophomore in 2020 when Adrian Martinez will be entering his junior year. Luke McCaffrey will either be a redshirt freshman, or a true sophomore, depending on how this season plays out.

Noah Vedral will be gone. So far, only Logan Smothers would be coming to Lincoln as a true freshman.

It certainly seems like the Nebraska football team would have room on the roster for Colson Yankoff if he wanted to come to Lincoln. It's just a matter of how much competition he wants for the job.