Nebraska football coach Jovan Dewitt is getting back on the recruiting trail. Normally, this would be very unimportant news. A college football coach spends an awful lot of his time on the recruiting trail in general. Especially when they are not in-season or watching over spring practices.

What makes the news that Dewitt, who delivered it himself on Twitter Monday morning; is going back on the road such positive news is that it's the first time in a long time. The linebackers and special teams coach for the Cornhuskers has spent the last several months battling a form of throat cancer.

On the mend

Nebraska football coaches had been working to give Dewitt the time he needed to get treatment for his cancer, but a week ago, head coach Scott Frost had hinted that his friend and the assistant coach was close to coming back at full strength.

The Huskers had gotten special permission from the NCAA to have a GA go out on the road in recruiting in place of Dewitt for much of the winter and early spring. The coach had also had very limited participation in Spring practice because he was undergoing chemotherapy.

Frost appeared on Jim Rome's radio show last Monday and seemed genuinely heartened that the outside linebackers coach was very close to being able to take back his full duties.

"Things look like they're going really well for him, so our prayers are with him and we're going to do everything we can for him," Frost said.

That's good for more reasons than one. Dewitt being able to coach again is obviously a positive for a man who clearly loves the profession. It's also a big positive for the staff in general, who get the double positive of being happy for their friend and also being at full strength just ahead of summer and then just a few months away from practice kicking off.

There is the other obvious positive that his returning to the recruiting road means he's on the cusp of beating back cancer entirely. While there is never any kind of guarantee with this disease, having the strength to start getting back out on the road is something all Nebraska football fans can be quite happy about.

More good news on the way?

Speaking of announcements that are only good news for the Cornhuskers this week, the Twitter-sphere could be holding its breath waiting for the officially official announcement that Dedrick Mills is a Husker for real. Mills turned in his grades and transcript and has told members of the media he believes he did enough to become eligible for the Nebraska football team. We could find out as early as today as to whether or not he did indeed do everything he needed to go to become a member of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Should that come to fruition, it's a big boost to a backfield with some question marks.