As we get closer to sentencing for the Kansas City Chiefs fan who shined a laser-pointer at Tom Brady, Dwayn Morgan is talking about the incident a little bit more. Morgan has said he understands what he did was wrong. He has also said that it's not something he would do if he had the chance to take it back.

On the other hand, the diehard Chiefs' fan has also said he has no intention of trying to apologize to Tom Brady or the New England Patriots. During an interview with Inside Edition, Morgan talked about what led him to take that action and what things have been like since he did.

Drinking played a part

The incident in question happened during the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots. Morgan was sitting in one of the endzones with three of his sons and the quartet had been drinking. Morgan says he himself probably had "a few too many." He said at some point late in the game, he decided he wanted to shine the laser around Brady to try and distract him.

It didn't take long for stadium officials to determine what was going on and from where. Back in February, the team announced Morgan was banned from Arrowhead Stadium. He is also facing criminal charges that could lead to either a year in jail or a $1,000 fine.

Chiefs pushing the issue

The Kansas City Chiefs fan has been charged with disturbing the peace and will have his day in court this July.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the entire story is that the team is the one that wanted to have the fan charged with the harshest punishment possible.

The team wants there to be no doubt that if someone decides that's a good idea, they too are going to be met with a rather harsh response. The police, in this case, had actually originally said that they were just going to charge Morgan with disorderly conduct.

Kansas City did not feel that was enough to send a message to the next fan who thought about bringing that kind of device.

All of this came to light after KMBC posted a video of the green light showing up on Brady's helmet and jersey during the game. After it became national news, other stations were able to dig up images where the green light from the laser could be seen.

After it was obvious what had happened, the Chiefs and local authorities were able to determine where the light was coming from and who was wielding the device. For his part, Morgan has said he didn't realize the situation was going to turn into something quite this serious.

"I didn't think it would go this far," Morgan said in his interview. "I shouldn't have done it." After talking about the situation some more, he was flat out asked whether or not he ever had any intention of apologizing to the Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs' fan's answer was simple. "Nope."