Andrew Bunch has the kind of character that could one day make him one heck of a head coach. That is the opinion of several ESPN analysts who took a look at all of the players most likely to eventually turn to coaching.

The analysts looked at one player on every team in their Top 25 and decided that the walk-on quarterback appears to be the most likely from the Huskers.

To be clear, this isn't exactly a star-studded bunch. When it comes to players who end up coaching, it tends to be guys who are middle of the road career-wise but who understand the game at a level that others rarely do.

Bunch certainly fits that bill, as it's unlikely he'll have any kind of shot at playing football at the next level. With the influx of talent, Nebraska has at quarterback this year, it's unlikely he'll even rate higher than third on the depth chart. Still, the analysts like what they see when it comes to his understanding of the game and what the quarterback is supposed to be doing in whatever offense he's running.

Andrew Bunch one of eight quarterbacks on the list

ESPN named Bunch as the Nebraska football representative saying, "Bunch -- an all-academic pick who spends a good deal of his time volunteering -- might be destined for a backup role behind Adrian Martinez as a player, but his football career doesn't have to end there."

They added that spending a couple of years under head coach Scott Frost as a tutor couldn't hurt his chances either.

The analysts really did like the idea quarterbacks eventually growing into the role of head coach. He was one of eight players in the list of 25 that was a signal caller.

Interestingly, like Bunch, most of the players on the list were backups. Of the group, only two QBs were starters. Those players were Iowa's Nate Stanley and interesting enough, another Frost disciple Mackenzie Milton from UCF.

Nebraska coaching tree starting to form

Normally when you talk about coaching trees, you are talking about assistants under one head coach, going on and being head coaches themselves, then seeing their assistants do the same. That's how you get the branches to grow.

For the most part, Nebraska football has never really had a traditional coaching tree.

Turner Gill and Frank Solich are the only assistants under Tom Osborne that went on and had long careers as head coaches on their own.

Zac Taylor could be starting a bit of a coaching tree that would at least be tied to the Huskers. The former Nebraska quarterback is getting ready for his first season as the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. It will be interesting in the future, to see if Andrew Bunch can make the prognosticators right and be the next former Nebraska football signal caller to rise to the ranks of head coach.