The Nebraska football team had a receiver target slip through its fingers this weekend.

Jordan Johnson announced he had picked his school on Sunday. The DeSmet wide receiver announced he was headed to Notre Dame through his Twitter account.

While the announcement is not a huge surprise, it is a big loss for the schools that were hot on his heels. That includes the Huskers, but it also means that teams like Alabama, Michigan, LSU, and Florida have lost out on one of the best prospects in the 2020 class.

Nebraska football loses out

The Cornhuskers have been pursuing Johnson for quite a while now.

Especially since he hails from the neighboring state, Missouri. Scott Frost and company have made it clear they feel as though they need to treat the "show me state" as though it's in their own back yard. This despite the fact that none of the schools in the state play in the same conference as Nebraska anymore.

Johnson is the number one player in the state. He's also the number six receiver in the entire class. According to 247Sports, he is the 34th best player in the class at any spot. It's no wonder the Nebraska football team had been hoping to find a way to land him.

The good news is that he didn't go to Missouri, Kansas State or Kansas. It might have been harder to pull the receiver away from those schools, as they were going to get the hometown "discount."

It could also be said that it's a good thing Johnson didn't end up at Alabama.

The Crimson Tide were thought to be the other school that was among his top choices. Once Nick Saban gets his hooks into a player, it's pretty hard to pry him away.

Notre Dame is no chopped liver, but the program has been pretty up and down in the last few years. Of course, the same could absolutely be said about the Nebraska football team.

In fact, the ups have been higher for the Fighting Irish and their downs haven't been as down as back-to-back 4-8 seasons.

Nebraska football could have a weapon up its sleeve

The Cornhuskers still have the ability to show Jordan Johnson why he might want to come to Lincoln as opposed to South Bend. It's possible that the team could even use a talented player at the same position to show what Scott Frost and company are trying to build here.

The program just got a commitment from another wide receiver prospect in Zavier Betts. They managed to haul in the best player in the state last week. While some might discount that get as being the Nebraska football team getting themselves a player from Bellevue, he's also one of the best receivers in the entire class. It's possible that Betts could be used to show Jordan Johnson how the position is getting even better in Lincoln. They could perhaps use Betts to show how he'd be playing in an offense that would be near unstoppable.