LeBron James is not in this year's NBA playoffs with the Los Angeles Lakers, but the star has kept himself busy, as he recently watched one of his son's games. This is the first time since 2005 that The King will not be in the playoffs and this year could be unpredictable with multiple possible outcomes.

LeBron James could also be busy this offseason rehabbing his injured groin. He suffered the injury during the regular season. He is also busy with getting players together to start filming "Space Jam 2." Although he could have a lot going on right now, he made sure to support his son Bronny, as the younger LeBron kept his team in the game and won it for them off a game-winning shot.

Like father, like son

LeBron's son has been playing for the AAU circuit and an article from 247 Sports shows the highlights from the game. A post on Instagram from his father, praising his son for his game-winning shot and leading his team to the win, is below.

LeBron James commented on Instagram that witnessing that moment sent "chills throughout" his body. Bronny was not only able to end the game off a drive to the rim like that but also got his team to that point off a shot to send the game to overtime, as LeBron stated in the post.

According to an article from USA Today, LeBron James Jr. showed a lot of fight and determination to get the victory on Sunday (April 14). In some video clips, he showed some chippiness, as he got fouled driving hard to the rim and willed his team to two overtimes to get the win.

No matter what people might say about Bronny, it is clear that he has the talent and passion to be a great player, like his father.

It is clear that James Sr. is very proud and thrilled about what his son could do in the NBA.

His game is similar to his dad's already, with flashy drives to the rim, paired with the physicality that he brings, and the ability to drain shots from the perimeter.

The article from 247 Sports even goes on to state that it would be easy to see Bronny as a top pick in the Class of 2023. Could they play together someday?

They could both play together

LeBron James has been an ironman in the NBA. The injury he suffered this season, to his groin, was the first throughout his career. He will be looking to bounce back next season after playing every single game last year. He will also look to do some recruiting for the Lakers, as they have the cap space to sign one or two superstar-caliber players in a big offseason.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of options going into the offseason, as they can try to trade for Anthony Davis or sign notable free star agents such as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, or Jimmy Butler.

Although Bronny is still young and blossoming as a player, LeBron James has stated in the past that he has a desire to play with his son on the same team.

The article states that it wouldn't be so crazy for them to play together or against each other by 2024.

Although LeBron James Jr. will most likely attend college, he could very well be a one-and-done player and go straight to the NBA.