The NBA is a brotherhood, and, more importantly, it can bring light to serious issues facing the country today. NBA veteran Kyle Korver chose to do just that by publishing a piece on The Player's Tribune that sheds light on racism, and, ironically, white privilege, shared from a white male himself.

Korver now plays for the Utah Jazz and will be gearing up to play in the NBA playoffs in the competitive Western Conference.

The details

According to an article from BET, the NBA veteran chose to open up his personal essay by documenting an incident where fellow NBA player Thabo Sefolosha was violently assaulted by the NYPD outside of a nightclub.

He admitted that he personally thought about why Sefolosha was at a nightclub on a night where they had a game the next day instead of wondering what happened or how he was.

Korver says, "On the morning I found out that Thabo had been arrested, want to know what my first thought was? "My first thought was: What was Thabo doing at a club on a back-to-back?" Kyle Korver admits that he felt guilty for thinking this as an initial reaction instead of wondering what occurred and if everything was okay at first.

Korver also stated that if he was placed in Sefolosha's situation, he would not have been treated that same way due to the color of his skin, unless he did something wrong, of course. He basically is saying that there is a double standard.

The purpose of the piece

Korver stated that he thought about writing the piece because of an incident that happened with a fan and Russell Westbrook a while back, where an individual in the crowd said some racially motivated comments toward him while at the game. He admitted that he had to hold himself accountable, along with others.

He reflected on the situation between Russ and a fan and stated that the Utah Jazz had a meeting the next day where others stated that the same things have happened to them in the past and that they were "tired of it all." It was a big call that the country has to do more against the racism that still exists today.

Kyle Korver ended the post by examining how more needs to be done and that he needs to listen more than just react.

He understands that the color of someone's skin can have severe ramifications on their future and be different from others paths.

Kyle Korver stated that people of color are not being treated the same as others and that he and others have to do more by educating themselves on the history of America, listen more, support leaders who want to do more towards racial injustice, and know when to step out of the way to let others speak.

One powerful quote, out of many toward white people in the piece, reads: "guilty of the sins of our forefathers," but are, he believes, "responsible for them."

An outpouring of support around the NBA

Many stars around the league applauded Kyle Korver for his piece on The Player's Tribune and some notable ones included teammate, LeBron James, as they played together on the Cavaliers, Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets, and Dwyane Wade, who plans to retire this season.

LeBron James agreed with Korver's comments and that others have to listen to what he is trying to say and make positive changes in the world.