The Cincinnati Bengals could be looking for a replacement for Andy Dalton in the upcoming draft. It's possible the team could be taking that replacement in the first round. It's also possible they are just going to be looking for someone who could take the job from him at some point in the future.

New Bengals head coach Zac Taylor has made a show of making it clear that for now, Dalton is still the signal caller who will be starting in 2019. While that has been the message the new coaching staff has sent out, there are more than a few people who think Cincy is going to be moving on at some point soon.

Bengals looking for new blood

If the right quarterback falls to the Bengals in the 2019 draft, there is more than a little talk about the team drafting that replacement. As Yardbarker points out, there are signs all over the place that seem to indicate Dalton's days for the Bengals are numbered.

The team has made no secret about the fact they aren't in a hurry to sign Dalton to an extension. There is also the fact that the team has been looking for a replacement for the last few seasons.

AJ McCarron was once thought to be the person who would eventually take over the reins. It never worked out that way and McCarron ended up being the player who moved on. Despite Dalton being the last man standing in that particular head to head faceoff, it's not expected that he will be with the Bengals that much longer.

Mike Garafolo of says there are more than a few teams who are looking at the Cincinnati Bengals. They are going to be to trying to see what the team is going to do. There are a couple of teams in the first round that are going to need a quarterback. If Taylor decides he needs to get himself a new signal caller and the signs are there, we could see the Redskins or the Dolphins try and jump over them in the draft.

Bengals haven't talked to many prospects

One interesting tidbit is that if the Bengals are looking for a new quarterback, they haven't really tipped their hand in pre-draft interviews. The only quarterback the team has talked to so far is NC State's Ryan Finley. While he's a decent quarterback prospect, he's not expected to be a first-round pick.

He's also not someone that is going to be taking the starting position right away.

Of course, who the team talked to doesn't necessarily mean they are the only players the Bengals are looking at. There has been talk that Kyler Murray could fall to Cincinnati in the first round. If that happens, it certainly seems as though they would take him.

The Cincinnati Bengals have enough holes that they could draft elsewhere. If they decide to go with a quarterback, it appears it could be one they want to eventually replace Andy Dalton.