There's an old saying that goes along with the Nebraska football team. "Once a Husker, always a Husker." That's why Cornhusker fans should be happy to note that one former member of the team is returning to the state to begin his college coaching career.

Keyan Wiliams announced earlier this week he had accepted the wide receiver's coaching position at Wayne State. That means the former wideout during the Mike Riley regime is moving back into Nebraska in order to follow in his father's footsteps.

Former Nebraska player transitioning to a new life

Williams first came to Lincoln when his father, Keith Williams was hired to coach the wide receiver position under Riley.

Keyan transferred from Tulane and was expected to be a nice addition to the roster. Unfortunately, things never worked out quite the way he and his dad had planned.

After one season on the active roster (after redshirting the season he was meant to sit out for transferring) he decided he was going to move onto another college. He eventually transferred to Ball State. While he did appear in five games for the Cardinals, he never really turned into the impact receiver he had looked like he might once be before his college career came to an end.

While Nebraska football fans love the "once a Husker, always a Husker" saying, there's another one that permeates all of the sports. "Those that can't do, coach." While it's usually meant as a bit of an insult it shouldn't be taken as one. Those players that might not have been able to turn themselves into impact players on the field can still have the skill to show others how they can be impact players themselves.

A new era at Wayne State?

For Keyan Williams, getting the job at Wayne State means he gets to start his coaching career rather early in his career. The Wildcats certainly aren't the creme of the crop in college football, as they are Division II in the NCAA ranks. That's a better level to start out at than other coaches his age.

It wasn't that long ago that Wayne State was a very successful program. The program has fallen on hard times over the last few years, winning just three games in 2018. Despite that, the wide receiver corps was plenty productive in 2018 and it doesn't appear the cupboard is going to be bare when Keyan Wiliams takes over the job.

There are bound to be a few Nebraska football fans who want to just forget the entirety of the Mike Riley era in Lincoln. On the other hand, it can never be a bad thing to have as many former Huskers as possible growing the school's coaching tree.