The Le'Veon Bell sweepstakes could be hitting a bit of a crescendo. At least there are several New York Jets fans who are hoping that's the case. On Tuesday morning, Bell changed his Twitter profile to green and that set off a bevy of speculation, led by Bleacher Report's official Twitter account that the color change is not just an idle move. More than a few users then pointed out the shade of green the much sought after running back chose looks an awful lot like what the Jets' uniform contains.

Should that come to fruition, it would certainly be a rather interesting turn in what has already been a very active free agency period for the NFL.

The former Pittsburgh Steeler has been rumored to several teams, including a Detroit Lions squad that has already been plenty active in the free agent market so far. The Lions are actually one of the front runners according to at least one NFL expert but the Jets have been coming on strong lately in an attempt to get better quickly. Le'Veon Bell would certainly make New York's rushing attack quite a bit better in a short period of time.

The Jets have also been talked about as far as being the top suitor for one of the best linebackers on the market. CJ Mosely is expected to sign a five-year deal with the team when such a thing is allowed.

If they were able to add Mosely and Bell, they would likely be the early favorites for "winners" of this year's free agent pool. That has got plenty of fans of the New York Jets more than a little excited.

While the fact that the running back changed his background color does not mean he's planning on signing anywhere soon, it's clear that Le'Veon Bell is someone who is Twitter savvy.

He's someone who understands how people would react to something like this. It's likely he made sure to change to that color to, at the very least, get tongues wagging.

It's not easy being a green team today

There is another option the green color change could be pointing to. The Green Bay Packers are considered a team that is actively shopping for a running back this offseason.

The latest rumors pointed to the Pack looking hard at Saints' free agent back, Mark Ingram. The flip side there is that Ingram might end up deciding he'd rather stay in New Orleans, rather than get acquainted with a new city and a new team. If the reported plan to sign Ingram falls through, this other NFL team with green in their color scheme could be looking at Le'Veon Bell as well.