The odds to win the 2019 World Series changed over the past six hours and it is all because of one man – Bryce Harper. Yes, the most sought after free-agent in baseball this offseason has agreed to a new deal with a new team, and the payout is one for the record books. Are the Philadelphia Phillies now one of the teams that could surprise fans in 2019?

Harper signs the biggest sports contract ever

According to a Fan Duel report, the Bryce Harper sweepstakes is finally over. Harper has agreed to a reported 13-year deal worth $330 million dollars with the Philadelphia Phillies.

The deal is the biggest in US sports history. The Phillies were a good team in 2018 and they sure have a lot of talent.

Aaron Nola, Rhys Hoskins, Cesar Hernandez, and newly added J.T. Realmuto are just a few of the young and very talented members on the Phillies roster. Adding Harper is only going to make this team that much better.

Updated World Series odds

Adding Harper has instantly changed the Phillies odds to win the National League Pennant and the 2019 World Series. A player like Harper has enough talent to single-handedly change the team's odds to win the Fall Classic, and that is exactly what he has done.

The Phillies have moved into second place overall on the Vegas odds board to capture the National League Pennant at +500.

They now only trail the Los Angeles Dodgers who are currently listed at +350. Below is a surprising odds fact that has many big gamblers a bit miffed at the moment.

Fan Duel Sportsbook indicates that the Chicago Cubs are behind the Phillies in terms of odds to win the NL Pennant.

The Cubbies are set at +600. While that isn’t shocking, what is a bit bizarre is that despite trailing the Phillies to win the NL Pennant, Chicago has better odds than Philadelphia to win the World Series. That doesn’t make much sense.

As for the World Series odds, the Phillies jumped from +1800 to +1300. That is a huge jump considering we are still three weeks out of starting the regular season.

The move put the Phillies ahead of the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers, who are both listed at +1400.

The New York Yankees are the favorites to win the 2019 World Series at +600. The Boston Red Sox are second at +650, followed by the Houston Astros (+650) and Los Angeles Dodgers at +750. The Cleveland Indians round out the top five World Series favorites, according to Fan Duel sports book at +1100.

While all the hype is great for Phillies fans, the results are all that matter. Philadelphia opens the season at home against the Atlanta Braves on March 28.